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Sunny island of Rhodes got its name due to the fact there are nearly 300 sunny days during a year. This island is unusually beautiful and offers visitors many opportunities for organizing the holiday. The north is particularly touristically developed, however those who want a more quiet vacation should head south where you can still find places for rest. Nevertheless, no matter where you choose to spend your holiday in Rhodes, you will always be hosted as a king.

In addition, this island has something to offer regarding the culinary. Dinner in a friendly tavern starts with an appetizer consisting of baked eggplant, salad made from octopus or fish roe, filled pastry or salad from big white beans. Recommended for the main course is, for example, roast beef or rabbit, barbequed minced meat, sometimes stuffed with cheese, stuffed vegetables from the oven or fish. Favorite dessert is fresh fruit or yogurt with honey. Necessarily try the famous wine from Rhodes – very tasty and of outstanding quality. Exactly 50 kilometers southwest of the city is Lindos, which is a monument under the state protection. Above this marvelous place rises the medieval fortress of the ancient Acropolis. Rhodes has a lot of churches, monasteries and mosques. In the monastery of Tara, the jewel of the Byzantine era, today lives only one monk.

When you enter the old part of Rhodes it seems as if you’ve entered another world. Old city center, built by the knights of John’s order, is surrounded by two rows of walls which formerly protected the town from the Turks. Medieval wall from the 15th century which surrounded the fortress is 5 km long. Entering the old part of town through the Eleftherias (Freedom Gate) you come to the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite from the 3rd century BC. Behind the temple is the Lodge of the Knights of Aiberne, built in 1507.

Next we come to Argirokastrou square with a fountain in the center. Cannonballs near the fountain are from the time of the Turkish siege of Rhodes in 1522, and the fountain itself was made by the early Christian baptistery. At the Museum Square is the Lodge of the Battalion of England and the new hospital of knights from the 15th century which now houses the Archaeological Museum. In the Archaeological Museum is the famous statue of Laocoön and His Sons, and the Roman copy is kept in the museum in Vatican. The 600 meters long street of Knights is the best preserved medieval street in Europe, here you have a feeling that time stopped. The knights used to spend time here praying and practicing military tactics. The street extends from the new hospital to the Palace of the Grand Master.

Palace of the Grand Master dominates the old part of town. It was built in the late 7th century, and knights restored this Byzantine citadel and converted it into an administrative center of their country in the first half of the 14th century. Going down the Socrates Street you reach the Ippokratous square. It surrounds the modest Castellania fountain, which is framed by a Chadrevan mosque in the west and the Palace of the Castellan in the east. The Palace was built in 1507, in an unusual architectural style with large outside staircase. During the Italian reign it was a center of commercial life, and on the first floor was a commercial court of knights before the Turks turned it into a fish market. Today it is a library.

Leaving Hippocrates Square you go down the Aristotle’s street to the Square of the Martyred Jews, the heart of the Jewish Quarter. In the middle of the square is a fountain with tiles depicting the marine world, and the beautiful decoration was completed with three large bronze seahorses.

Featured image by: topsdave / Public Domain

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