Your First Tango In Argentina

Argentina Passion
Argentina Passion

Amazing wonders of nature, home of passionate tango, fast and severe football and a capital with strong European influence combined with low prices – that is all part of the allure of dazzling Argentina.

To fit in into the Argentinean life style as well as to develop good relations doesn’t take much: interest in football and a little skill in your legs for dancing or, again, for football, guarantees you a good start and a trip without any problems. The best time to visit Buenos Aires is in the spring and fall while Mendoza, Cordoba and Lake District are most beautiful in the fall when everything is painted in reds and yellows, temperatures are pleasant and it’s not very crowded.

After mastering the terms related to Argentina – the tango, gauchos, pampas – it’s time for sightseeing. Begin with a little picturesque town El Calafate which is a quaint tourist place with a beautiful Laguna Nimez lake where you can also do some bird watching. From there you can go to Los Glaciares national park, a home of Perito Moreno glacier which is breathtaking by itself and taking a walk on stone and wood steps gives you a whole new perspective of Perito Moreno. Another national park that shouldn’t be skipped is Tierra del Fuego, which is covered with palm trees, orchid like flowers, violets and other flora.

Something completely different are Iguazu Falls which are in Iguazu national park, located between Argentina and Brazil. Wood bridges take you to the Devil’s Throat, the largest and most beautiful waterfall surrounded by a jungle inhabited with tropical birds.

The capital of Argentina – Buenos Aires combines strong European flavor with southern temper and creates a lively cosmopolitan center where big and wide avenues meet colorful metal houses, old taverns and fancy restaurants. Buenos Aires has the widest avenue in the world, Avenida 9 de Julio, as well as some new quarters which replaced old docks with ultra-modern business buildings, best restaurants and many other places where you go to see and be seen. La Recoleta is one the most beautiful residential neighborhoods which best shows the European architectural influences and this is also the resting place of the famous Eva Peron. The best nightlife and traditional restaurants you’ll find in San Telmo, located between city center and La Boca in which famous Maradona grew up. On Saturdays it becomes a big street market where you can buy all sorts of unusual souvenirs, observe tango dancers or you can take a break in of the taverns so you don’t miss a moment.

Argentinean cuisine is based on red meat but there are also a lot of meals for vegetarians. Asado is one the most popular method for making veal, combining it with other kinds of barbequed meat and chimichurri a mixture of spices and chilly. There are also various kinds of goulash as well as empanadas, a pastry stuffed with meat or other ingredients. The most famous candy is dulce de leche which resembles a caramel syrup but it’s much more dense and it’s added in everything sweet you can imagine, from cookies and pancakes to ice-cream.

To end with a dance – tango. It’s said that it takes two to tango, but after observing Argentineans in this beautiful dance you realize it also takes a lot of little important but hard to describe details like special eye contact between partners, subtle body language which invites you to dance (man usually does the inviting) and “chemistry” which creates a real little drama between partners and separates tango from other dances. It might be too much to say that all the passion of Argentina was poured into tango but still when you see this little piece of magic you will realize that there is charm in this slight exaggeration.


Photo by: Gustavo Gomes

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