Work And Travel: Digital Nomad In A Hostel

Digital nomads
Digital nomads

So, you got yourself a nice freelancing job and you decided to travel around and to work, to be so called digital nomad. That is fabulous idea but since you are probably going to stay in hostels while traveling keep in mind that hostels are not the best places to work in.

Hostels are nice and comfortable places to work in and most of them have free Wi-Fi but there is also dozen other people who want to chat, walk around, bump the door, snore while sleeping anytime of the day and night, have sex and any other thing that comes to your mind people do in hostels. Someone will always distract you with the simple question “What are you doing?”

So, just skip to the nearest coffee shop or some book shop place where you can work without anyone disturbing you. You can also wait for the late nights or early mornings in the hostel while everyone is sleeping. If you are working outside don’t waste your time on Facebook or Twiter because you will lose your precious time. You can check that out in your hostel and then you can also add some good people you meet in hostel as your friends. If someone interrupts you while browsing Facebook that is not that bad.

Digital nomads are individuals who leverage telecommunications technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—from home, coffee shops, public libraries and even from recreational vehicles to accomplish tasks and goals that used to traditionally take place in a single stationary workplace.Wikipedia


While staying in a hostel don’t forget the eye mask or earplugs. You might look funny while sleeping like that but you will not be the only one and if someone is snoring next to you or having sex you will not hear anything, you will sleep like a baby and you will be rest for tomorrow’s work. If you need to work tomorrow morning put a limit to your drinking. There is always someone in a hostel who will have a drink and offer you one. After first there is second and so on… you can easily get into a party night even if you maybe don’t want it. Either put a limit on drinking or say no. You can always stay out of the hostel until late and when you come back everyone will be out partying or sleeping. You have to meet locals. Just get out, have a drink and start chatting with locals.

The local friends will take you to the places which are unknown to tourist books and you can find out so many different things. You will experience more culture than any other travelers. If you are staying in the city for a long time, finding apartment is really easy. That is one more thing that you need locals for. They can help you if English is not widely spoken in the country. Just get local newspapers and start digging. Some hostels will allow you to bargain for the price if you are staying longer.

Hostels are fun, you will make a lot of friends while staying in and you will hear loads of stories from all around the world but they are not the best places to work in but, you can always find a corner for you and give hostels a shoot.

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  1. Interessnte Idee…ich wünsche mir solches Leben für einige Zeit…Natürlich kann man davon satt werden, aber es lohnt sich zu versuchen…:)

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