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Work AndTravel
Work AndTravel

How to make the most out of your travel? How to stay on the road longer and not spend your life savings doing it? Have you ever been thinking about finding something to do while feeding your hodomania? Here are some tips on what you can do to improve your budget while drifting from place to place. Work and travel is possible.

Prepare yourself

What country do you plan to visit? Do you need a work permit for that state and can you get it? Do you plan to stay there for a long time or just pay a short visit? Do you know the language spoken there and is there a possibility to teach some languages you are familiar with?

All of this is important because to work legally in some countries, you have to get a permit and that’s not always easy. If you are desperate, you can probably find some job on the black market but there’s always a chance you will be exploited or even not paid at all and, since you work illegally, you cannot go to the police. Also, if you plan to stay for only a few days, some jobs, like teaching or internship are not an option. In some countries there’s a need for seasonal workers or language teachers, but for the latter you’ll probably be asked for some certificate, like TEFL, so it would be good to obtain it before the trip.

Seasonal and short-term jobs

The most popular seasonal jobs are fruit/vegetable picking and working on farms and vineyards. These kinds of jobs are great for backpackers in search for quick money – you get paid straight away and in cash, but it’s not always legal. Search the internet for agencies that offer to find you a place if you have necessary papers and permits. You can also check local newspapers for ads when on the spot. Besides, many farms offer free food and accommodation in exchange for work.

Another option is to volunteer in a summer camp. There’s a whole range of camps where you can work, teach, clean or take care of the animals. It’s not that you get paid for doing it, but in the most of the camps, you’ll have accommodation and food for free. Many organizations have websites where you can apply as a volunteer even of you have no prior experience, so this can be a good opportunity to put away some cash.

As a backpacker, you might enjoy working in a hostel. Many hostels will give you accommodation in exchange for some work, mostly cleaning and dealing with drunken guests, but it’s still a great way to save some cash. If you have communicative knowledge of the language, you might find a job in a bar which is great since you can meet tons of interesting people and score some free drinks as well. You can either contact some hostels by email before your trip and ask if there’s a need for staff or ask the hostel/bar manager directly upon your arrival.

Long-term jobs

In a case you plan to spend six or more months in the same country and meet the customs and people, good idea is to teach languages. In some countries there’s a constant need for English teachers, like in China or South Korea, so if you have TEFL or some similar certificate, giving lectures can be a possibility. You might also consider teaching in a school. However, if you are interested in a certain field, you may try to get an internship. Internship deadlines for the summer internships begin early in November, so you have to plan well. You, probably, won’t be paid much but you will get precious experience to use later.

Whatever you decide, be aware that getting a work permit is not easy except you have some unique skills and don’t forget that you have rights, so don’t let yourself be exploited – try to contact people who already work there and find out about the conditions and if they pay on time. Good luck!

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