Why Don’t You Visit Moscow?

Moscow Red Square
Moscow Red Square

The crowds and the chaos on the streets of Moscow are best to avoid by riding the underground railroad, which operates flawlessly. The crowds are common sights on Moscow’s streets. Since the city now has about 15 million people, these situations are quite a common occurrence to the citizens of Moscow, but the guests are left in shock. In addition to unbearable crowds, tourists come to realize very fast that Russians like to live large. They wear striking clothes, drive big cars, give away expensive items and pay for lavish dinners, of course, those who can allow themselves. With the departure of the Soviet Union from the world political scene, in Russia, and therefore in Moscow, “rushed” capitalism, which turned it into a huge colorful package with ornaments dating from ancient times of Imperial Russia, and even some from the Communist era.

One such ornament, and one of the landmarks of the town, is the Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Located outside the walls of the city citadel, that is the Kremlin, it was built in the 16th century under the orders of Emperor Ivan the Terrible, who was, as historical sources say, indeed a vicious man. As the legend says he gave the order to blind the architect who designed this building so he would never again be able to make a similar project. The church consists of twelve interconnected chapels, characteristic for the colorful domes and irresistibly reminds us of candy because of various colors and patterns of distinctive shape. Inside the Kremlin are the government buildings, the Patriarchate, Kremlin Palace and several churches. It is advisable to take two days for sightseeing this tourist attractions due to their impressive size, but also because it is often crowded.

Gorky Park is another attraction of Moscow. Today it is a favorite meeting place of Muscovites who come in search of recreation and rest from the crazy pace and constant traffic jams, but increasing number of festivals and concerts are organized in the park. It stretches in about three kilometers along the river Moscow, and Muscovites also call it the Park of Culture, since it had this name in the late 1928 when it opened. Taking a break in Gorky Park, and coming across a good concert, can really bring you appeasement.

The chaos on the streets of Moscow should be avoided by taking the metro which, compared to the rest of the traffic in Moscow is functioning without fault. Metro is very safe, which means that in addition to its use you can schedule your return from the night life, without fear of any danger. And night life is rich and various. The dress code in the expensive jet-set clubs is very strict, but there are many other clubs where you can have fun without previously spending a lot of money on special clothes. Since Russians love to let everybody know they are wealthy,they also do it through their clothes and, because Russia has a huge market, clothes designers, shoes, jewelry, mobile phones, watches and everything else is a special edition for Moscow, so shopping here might not be such a good idea. The money is better spent in a Russian or Georgian restaurant, because for about 15 euros per person you can have a solid meal.

Russian cuisine is strong and caloric, based on meat and side dishes such as dumplings or potatoes, which are combined with various sauces. The cakes are in line with the food, caloric and abundant, and industrial sweets that are still made by the recipes from the time of the USSR are surprisingly tasty.

Visit Moscow. If not now then when?

Photo by: Dennis Jarvis

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