What type of backpacker are you?


While traveling around the world you will most likely meet loads of people. Everybody is different but there are similar groups of people traveling around and in some places you will just meet these kinds of people.

When you check out in a hostel in Thailand, Amsterdam or Barcelona you will find loads of party goers. With sporting sunglasses, shorts, flip-flops and a beer logo t-shirt, these people are probably here to party and get drunk wherever they go. They spend their days curing the hangover from last night and getting ready to party again. In Paris, London, Egypt and South America you will find couples who only want to go touring, exploring and doing activities around the place.

The older version of this species is usually in their 30’s and taking a career break in order to explore the world. They usually spend time with other traveling couples. The younger versions are partying all the time and breaking up all the time along the road. College aged, English, Kiwi or Aussie are usually taking year off before or after university and traveling around the world for 1 year. They usually spend time in Australia or Asia and they follow the main around the world route. They like to party, see the main sights, stay in dorm rooms and drink a lot. Found where ever around the work ticket will take them.

Hippie travelers usually have that “I haven’t had shower in 3 days smell” and can be found wearing fisherman pants, dreadlocks and lots of necklaces. They use local transportation; they eat local food and talk about cultural imperialism while watching the latest Hollywood movies. They don’t go to the main sights and tourist areas because that is “so commercial, man”. You will mostly see them in developing countries.

Spiritual travelers are mostly seen in India and Southeast Asia. They always talk about religion and discovering new life and they are reading loads of books about Buddhism, Kabala, or Yoga. They usually get unsatisfied by their lives back home and go to these places to find “something new in their lives”, to reconnect with the world, find inner peace, and learn some tantra among the tourist centers of India, the hill tribes or Asia, or the shamans of the world. There is this group of travelers who think that they are better than others and they always complain how rest of the travelers doesn’t want to know the culture and these kind of travelers are usually staying for one night in some village and they use local transportation all the time.

You will find Flashpackers everywhere there is internet. They have their laptops, iPod’s, cameras and video cameras and they usually wear nice branded clothes. The travelers who live in the past and always come back to the place of the crime are the worst kind. They will always tell you the stories that begin with “I remember when I was …”. This depressing species can be found in the same destinations he says are ruined now.

So, do you find yourself among these species or are you just relaxed “I will do whatever I want to do” backpacker?

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