Weird Restaurants Around The World

Weird Restaurants
Weird Restaurants

Found yourself a nice place to stay; got all settled in and after a while went out for a quick walk around town but before you realized it was dark and you were feeling pretty famished. Sure, you could have a quick bite from local pizza place or you could try dinning in one of the most extraordinary restaurants in the world.

The Clinic Restaurant – silver hospital beds, gold wheelchairs, test-tubes, syringes – no, it’s not some kind of new and modern hospital, it’s The Clinic restaurant in Singapore. Created in the honor of the artist Damien Hirst, the entire restaurant is hospital inspired. The restaurant’s staff who are dressed as nurses and doctors serve you colorful pills and cocktails such as Sex on a drip and Nitro-Sangria in IV bags, there are pill shaped rooms, plates shaped like surgical pans – everywhere you look are hospital whites. And don’t let the hospital look fool you, food is much better than the hospital’s.

Modern Toilet – in the beginning it was an ice-cream shop which sold swirled chocolate ice cream in containers shaped like squat toilets, but now it’s a chain of restaurants in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. As the name says restaurant is bathroom inspired, tables are made of bathtubs and sinks, instead of chairs are toilets, there are plungers hanging from the sealing which are actually lights, walls are decorated by faucets and if that weren’t enough, instead of plates are miniature toilet bowls, urinals which customers can take home as a souvenir and ice cream swirls are still served in squat toilet dish. Bathtubs and sinks are covered with glass so they form a table, and toilet seats are decorated with roses, seashells and renaissance pictures. So, come take a seat and don’t go into the wrong toilet!

The Lockup is a haunted jail themed restaurant which really makes you work for your food. When you first enter you have to stand in the dark room surrounded by scary noises, then you go into another dark room where you have to find a button to open the door. When you have finally opened the door, you get handcuffed and taken into a cell, through a lot of dark and winding hallways where all you can here are screams, and locked up. And that is where fun begins. When you go through the menu you see cocktails titled Cloning Experiment, Electric Shock, Time Bomb Capsules and such. In this Japanise restaurant drinks are served in beakers and for some you get different flavors in test-tubes or a syringe so can make a drink according to your taste.

Photo by: Michael_Spencer licenced under CC

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  1. Singapore is well known by hidden gems of food. If you have Indian or Chinese friend in Singapore just let them take you around for food. You will not be sorry

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