WA A GWAAN ON JAMDOWN? Move yu backside to Jamaica


The sun and the wind gently caress your skin; waves and the sea play eternal, relaxing melody. Everyday worries disappear in a heartbeat. These are the summer dreams on the Caribbean beaches.

If you have had enough with the gloomy weather and you have the opportunity to travel, Jamaica will welcome you. No one can resist this island country in the Caribbean Sea known for its sun, turquoise sea, many beautiful beaches, and legendary Bob Marley. Its first inhabitants, people of Arawak and Taino tribes, called it Xamayca which translates “land of water and forest.” The capital of Jamaica, Kingston, is famous for its sugar, bananas, cocoa, coffee, and unfortunately, very high crime rate. However, if you are not willing to take the risk, Port Antonio is the best choice for you since it is one of the most beautiful places in the whole wide world; it leaves a special impression on everyone. What makes it so unique are bird chirps and tropical vegetation. But, if you are looking for nightlife and good places to go out, then you should visit the tourist center Negril, proud of its numerous night clubs. Also try some of the most famous traditional Jamaican dishes like fruit ackee, salted fish and ice with fruit syrup as a dessert. When it comes to drinks try Blue Mountain coffee, the traditional coconut juice and rum.

On the south of Caribbean archipelago is a beautiful gem, with heavenly beauties of crystal blue sea and sand beaches – the island Curaqao. It’s sunny all year round; rain periods are an unknown concept as well as storms, since Curaqao is outside of the hurricane prone zone. Salsa, reggae, Marengo – music and dance are a part of the Caribbean lifestyle, including this island. Main entertainment center is Mambo Beach bar located on the beach next to a big sea aquarium, in addition to the summer house Brievengat which is particularly popular among locals. The capital of this breathtaking island is Willemstad where you should definitely visit an old market located behind the post office – a great place to buy or eat freshly caught fish for a small amount of money. Memories of beautiful beaches in coves, such as Blue Bay, Santa Barbara Beach or almost endlessly long Jan Thiel Beach, will be lighting up your heart with gladness for many years to come.

Summer air, gentle breakings of waves against the shore and light cool breeze are just some of the things that make Isla Margarita a Caribbean pearl. It is located about 40km from Venezuela. The biggest city on the island is Porlamar but the greatest events you will find at Bolivar square. At the coffee shops in the afternoon you can have an espresso marron (with milk) and in the evening have a local beer – Polar. Overlooking the square is a part of the city which is full of action, and shopping is very much worth it because on Margarita you can shop duty free. On the eastern part of the island are the most beautiful Caribbean beaches – Playa Guacuco, Playa El Cardon and Playa El Tirano, but most definitely the star among them is a part of the coast covered with coconut palm trees – Playa El Aqua.

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