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Adang Sea Divers Resort Koh Lipe
Adang Sea Divers Resort Koh Lipe

If you love the idea of blending a laid-back summer holiday, a handsome exotic environment with lots of lush flora and just a dash of adrenaline-pumping activities to round off your best island getaway ever, all you have to do is book a diving course with Adang Sea Divers and start packing your bags. Based on Koh Lipe, a stunning island paradise in Thailand’s marvelous Adang-Rawi Archipelago, Adang Sea Divers is a well-known PADI 5* dive resort managed by a team of experienced divers, scuba diving instructors and friendly staff who will go out of their way to make sure your diving lessons and trainings, as well as your stay on the island in general, are perfectly tailored to your learning level, individual needs and diving skills.

Founded a few years ago with the mission of delivering superior diving experiences and fail-safe training courses for clients of different generations and skill levels, the Adang Sea Divers team gathers a group of fervent advocates of marine life protection and healthy active lifestyle. With a view to contributing to the overall quality of life on this beautiful Thai island, the Adang Sea Divers staff frequently organizes reef and beach cleanings and provides eco-dive lessons to all interested clients and locals. Guided by the principles of eco-friendly lifestyle, ultimate customer satisfaction and world’s top safety standards, the Adang Sea Divers have been recognized as a one-of-a-kind diving resort that not only encourages a more humane attitude to all forms of life, but also significantly contributes to the improvement of the local environment and living standards for both the local population and tourists in Koh Lipe.

Adang Sea Divers boat
Adang Sea Divers boat

Thanks to its favorable climate and location, Koh Lipe is also a perfect destination for any holiday-maker eager to taste life at its fullest and tastiest. The island is surrounded by more than twenty stunning islets that take pride in breath-taking underwater marvels, abundant marine species, spectacular seascapes, sites of unblemished natural beauty, hundreds of amazing coral reefs and a number of magnificent dive locations which you can visit and even take a diver’s bite of with your dive instructors. Famous and respected among scuba divers worldwide as the place of countless spectacular coral and marco diving spots, Koh Lipe is a definite must-see for any diving professional, scuba enthusiast and would-be diver eager to take their skills to a whole new level in the company of like-minded individuals.

Tailored to fit learners of different age groups, diving styles and skill levels, Adang Sea Divers course offer includes various PADI programs ranging from the basic Open Water diving lessons to highly advanced Divemaster courses. With over 20 years of professional experience coupled with amiability and patience, Adang Sea Divers scuba instructors are well-known throughout Thailand for their high teaching qualifications, superior professionalism and observance of top safety standards. While beginner divers will easily master the diving basics in the company of their cooperative instructors, more experienced divers can opt for specialty dive courses and take daily diving tours or trips to neighboring islands on the smart Adang Sea Divers speedoboat.

Adang Diving Resort Koh Lipe
Adang Sea Divers

To ensure maximum convenience and most enjoyable island holiday for their clients, Adang Sea Divers created a website where you can access all the theoretical background and diving lessons and complete the regular classroom-taught sections online through the PADI ELearning application and thus use all your island time to truly experience diving at its finest. For added accommodation comfort and get-to navigation ease, Adang Sea Divers has closed an arrangement with the Thai transport company Spidermonkey Tours and Travel a while ago so you can get to and from the island without having to fumble with maps, charter flights, boat rides and complicated travel instructions. Simply book your transport to and from the resort based on the arrival and departure date and time in Hat Yai and your ride will pick you up at the arranged location to take you to your exotic getaway for an unforgettable Koh Lipe adventure.

In case you don’t know where to stay during your visit to Koh Lipe, you can check out the available accommodation options here, and you’re strongly advised to try and book a bungalow in the Adang Sea Divers’ homely Eco-Lodge. Situated right next to the diving centre, a minute’s stroll from the beach, Eco-Lodge offers comfortable and functional accommodation capacities and you can choose your favorite from a number of bungalows sitting in the pleasant shade of two large tamarind trees. For maximum enjoyment and practicality, each bungalow is equipped with superior heat insulation and has an en-suite bathroom with a hot shower and all vital accommodation extras you may need during your holiday, such as a fan, several wall outlets and convenient tea and coffee making facilities. Comfort, peace, privacy, relaxation, friendly get-togethers, just name it – and you will have it all right here.

A splendid place off the Thai mainland, Koh Lipe’s Adang Sea Divers Resort is truly a place of adventure, peace and leisure that will live up to your highest vacationing expectations, tastes and preferences. The amiable dive centre team will always be at your service and will do their best to make your stay on this paradise island an all-inclusive holiday you’ll never forget – and once you’ve tasted all the Koh Lipe diving thrills, you’re guaranteed to come back in the years to come, always craving for more marine fun, games and bliss. In case you need any additional information or instructions on how to book your accommodation and courses with the Adang Sea Divers, feel free to contact us at any point: we will be most honored to be at your service and meet your questions and inquiries with a prompt and straightforward reply. Look no further – Adang Sea Divers and Koh Lipe everything you need to enjoy your holiday at the fullest, the way you like it best.

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