Traveling Through History: Visit Historical Places

Visit Historical Places and Monuments
Visit Historical Places and Monuments

Time spent in the shadow of a past time many consider the most valuable in the world, and millions of tourists every year travel thousands of miles to visit world’s famous historical places. It is about buildings that allow visitors to look at the past with the eyes of former warriors, revolutionaries, pilgrims and kings.

Historical monument which perhaps best testifies that individual buildings can provide visitors a unique view of the cultural development is the Moscow Kremlin. For centuries it was a residence of Russian emperors, from where the largest state in the world is still operated; now it’s a relatively new location to the Western tourists looking for undiscovered destination, because it was completely inaccessible to foreigners until the fall of the Berlin wall.

A complex of impressive buildings unites Russia’s military, political and religious history. Its walls of four castles and as many churches, including the headquarters of the Russian Orthodox Church, hide the imperial treasury, while in the basement visitors can still see the weapon that was stored there by reforming tsar Peter the Great.

Peruvian Machu Picchu, on the other hand, is a unique monument of medieval South American urban development and as such it’s been a must-see tourist attraction for decades. The monumental constructions of the ancient Incas in the Andean jungle are special because of its stone buildings surrounded by a system of roads and irrigation canals, as well as of the surrounding terrace which has incalculable agricultural value.

Lovers of the architectural values should definitely visit the Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture from the period of Mughal dynasty, which ruled India from the 16th up to the half of the 19th century. It is the mausoleum made of marble, with ornaments of precious stones, surrounded by a park that symbolizes heaven. Designed by Persian architect mausoleum was built in the 17th century, and its dome and four minarets are the most recognizable symbol of the Indian subcontinent.

Kalemegdan Fortress In Belgrade
Kalemegdan Fortress In Belgrade, Serbia

Visitors are fascinated when they visit Belgrade the Capital of Serbia, the one of European oldest cities and its Kalemegdan fortress on the mouth of the Danube and Sava river. Its Roman name was Singidunum, but the city is older than that. Singidunum is founded hundreds years ago before Roman age.

If you more appreciate things that are not tied solely to the architecture, then you must visit the Athenian Acropolis. Marble buildings are dominated by the temple of the goddess Athena, and the whole complex exudes memories of ideas that spawned democracy and led to the development of philosophical and scientific thought. Appearance and the symbolism of the Parthenon also inspired the Lincoln Memorial, a museum built to commemorate the President who abolished slavery in the United States. By the series of historical circumstances the museum became a place of remembrance for all the fighters for human rights. On its steps, under a large statue of Lincoln, his most famous speech which begins with the words: “I Have a Dream”, was held by Martin Luther King. It is less known that the Lincoln Memorial became a gathering place of human rights activists 25 years ago, when a black singer was banned from performing just because of her skin color.

As the inevitable destination in Africa are not Egyptian pyramids, but the Christian stone churches in the Ethiopian town – Lalibela, also known as the New Jerusalem. It is interesting that the churches are carved in one stone block and beside tourists they also attract a sea of pilgrims. Among the places that history lovers must visit are the famous French castle and museum Versailles, pre-Christian shrine Stonehenge in England, the Statue of Liberty and the inevitable Great Wall of China, which was, only in last year, visited by more than ten million tourists.

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