Travel Insurance Is Worth Every Cent

Travel and Health Travel Insurance
Travel and Health Travel Insurance

When handing in the documents necessary for issuing visas many embassies require travel and health insurance policy. This document can be obtained in any insurance company. It covers the cost of medical treatment and hospital accommodation to a certain sum of money, the amount to which you signed the insurance, or luggage insurance.

When traveling through travel agencies, the service of travel and health insurance is provided by the agency, through an insurance company they have a business arrangement with. Price of insurance is the integral part and it is listed in the travel program. The amount you have to pay for insurance depends on the country you are visiting, as well as the length of the tour package. Prices may vary depending on whether it’s an individual or group insurance, which is mostly provided by the agency and is more affordable. According to the general conditions of insurance, it can be singed by any person or a group of persons older than six months and younger than 80 years. People under the age of six months and older than 80 years can be ensured by paying increased insurance premiums. The amount of compensation and the value of medical services can’t be higher than the maximum amount which was agreed by the policy during the contract period.


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Which services and expenses are covered by the travel and health insurance? These services, depending on the insurance company can be divided into three categories:

Medical Assistance

In a case of sudden illness or injury it guarantees to cover the cost of ambulatory treatment, provision of medicines and medical supplies, transportation to the nearest health facility, hospital treatment, transport to the country, dental care up to a certain amount and other expenses related to sudden illness or injury.

Travel Assistance

It refers to services related to the loss or a delay of baggage, theft or loss of documents, road accidents, administrative assistance, baggage retrieval and forwarding, use of interpreters in a case of emergency…

Legal Assistance

Legal aid is related to the liability of the insured which occurred abroad, financial assistance in a case of robbery, as well as a loan for lawyers or bail.


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The passenger should pay attention to the following:

Start of the insurance

Insurance lasts from the date specified on the policy as the beginning of insurance, but not before the insurance premiums are paid, or until the border of a country in which the insurance is valid is crossed.

Duration of insurance

The insurance contract is concluded for a specific time. During the contract period the policy can be used for one or multiple trips, but not longer than the period specified on the contract. If the insurance is based on the payment cards, it’s limited by the validity of the payment card, but can’t be longer than two years.

Also, pay attention to the general exclusions and limitations related to the insurance policy, that is, which are the cases that aren’t covered by the insurance. Get yourself familiar about notifying the insured events, as well as the manner of handling and your obligations in these cases. In addition, check what is included in travel insurance and what doesn’t fall under that category. This usually includes: money, credit cards, travel IDs, cameras, mobile phones, jewelry, etc.

What is included in travel and health insurance and how much it costs depends on the insurance company. What you need to do, whether you’re insuring yourself individually or through a travel agency, is to read the insurance conditions. These conditions can be obtained in the insurance company, or at the representatives of tourist agencies, where they will give you insight into the conditions of the insurance company they have an arrangement with, or, sometimes the easiest way, find the document on the internet. It’s certainly published on the site of an insurance company or the site of the travel agency.

Whether you have health insurance or not always try to stay healthy while traveling.

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