Stay Healthy On The Road

Stay Healthy On The Road
Stay Healthy On The Road

When packed for a trip, don’t forget medications – you never know whether you’ll need them. Regardless where you travel, it is always wise to carry your small travel pharmacy packed with drugs and supplies for acute conditions, chronic diseases, as well as means for personal hygiene. If you need to take medication, obtain a sufficient quantity of drugs and other necessary equipment prior to travel. It is always best to carry medications in its original packing which also contains instructions. If you are a chronic patient, pregnant woman or disabled person, inform your doctor about the trip so he could give you recommendations and advice. In case of inconvenience on the road we will mention the possible problems you might encounter when traveling, and what your travel pharmacy should contain so you would be able to help yourself and others in time. This is just part of health on the road.

If you’re suffering from any illness or taking medication, be sure to bring your medical records and paper on which the composition and the name of the drug you’re taking are clearly written. As first aid, especially if time is spent outdoors, it’s necessary to have a remedy for cleaning the wounds (a disinfectant or antiseptic), sterile compresses, bandages, waterproof plasters, scissors and forceps. Analgesics and antipyretics are the drugs that simultaneously reduce pain and lower the temperature (for example, those are the drugs that contain: paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen). If you’re prone to nausea and vomiting during the journey, make sure you take some antiemetic. Tablets are consumed half an hour before the ride and can be taken several times a day. Insect repellent are used by applying to the skin and work up to three hours. If you’re traveling with a child make sure remedy is adjusted to his age. Medicines that are applied after the sting are usually cooling gels which in addition prevent redness, swelling and itching. Drugs for allergies are taken by the doctors’ reference, the dose, time and method is specified by the physician. People who have already experienced sun allergies, with the doctor consultation, can begin medicating a few days prior to the exposure.

During the travel, eye irritations can be caused by air-conditioners, as well as pollen from various plants. The same drops are used for moistening for all types of contacts. Dehydration: due to vomiting, high temperature or intense sweating, in addition to fluid there is also a loss of salts, which are necessary to compensate. Therefore, when going on a journey, you should always take a powder which can be used as a solution to compensate fluids as well as salts. For those who have problems with blocked ears when bathing can prevent the problem by using suppositories, and if the water reaches the ear, it is best to rinse with ear drying drops. However, if inflammation of the ear occurs, nose should be treated with nose drops to reduce pressure on the ear, and if it doesn’t help, you should seek medical help. The best protection for the skin is avoiding staying long in the sun and in addition you should wear a hat and light, comfortable clothing that covers the skin. If you decide to go sunbathing, it is necessary to protect your skin with high SPF sunscreen (at least 15) and afterwards apply hydrating lotion which will restore moisture to the skin.

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