Put On Your Baroque Costume And Visit Schoenbrunn Chateau

Schoenbrunn palace
Schoenbrunn palace

If there is someone who does not know this, Schoenbrunn castle is located in Vienna. But, this time we will put aside the entire city of Vienna and everything around it and devote our attention to this true jewel that the Austrian capital offers. For sightseeing Schoenbrunn you really need the whole day.

From the 18th century until 1918 the castle was the residence of the Habsburg emperors and it is decorated in a beautiful Baroque style, which was done by the architects Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and Nikolaus Pacassi. In the immediate vicinity of the castle is the Vienna Zoo, the oldest zoo in the world, which was founded in 1752. A special attraction and pride of the garden are the pandas that can now very rarely be seen in captivity and even in nature.

Schoenbrunn palace itself was included in the World Heritage List in 1996. Even though the rulers don’t live in the castle anymore an in incredible fact is that it is inhabited by ordinary people, who by chance, got the possibility to live in such a beautiful location. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the entire court complex, but only its parts, as well as the surrounding objects, which are also very beautiful. From the people who have the privilege of living near the castle, inside the Schoenbrunn gardens, you can hear stories about the beauty of night walks when it’s snowing and when there are no visitors. The palace and surrounding gardens have work hours after which only guards, residents and their guests, who must be duly registered, can walk through those same beautiful gardens.

In ancient time’s luxurious clothing, rich patterns, corsets, and other elements characteristic of the Baroque period were a common picture somewhere beneath the rose beds that adorn the gardens of this castle. Although today isn’t so you can still feel the spirit of those wonderful times. A drive to Vienna and a visit to Schoenbrunn castle will take you to another time, a time of emperors and empresses, nobility, pages and maidens. Maybe under the influence of the decorative elements of architecture and lifestyle of local people you’ll decide on a Baroque costume or at least inspired by the Baroque for any of the following special occasions or for a new visit to the castle. Who knows?

Featured photo by: Manekj / Public Domain

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