Pubs Around Dublin Hostels

Traditional Pub In Dublin
Traditional Pub In Dublin

For a descent amount of money you can find hostels Dublin hid right in the middle of everything, next to which are pretty cheap pubs and restaurants.

One of the best things about Dublin are certainly the drinks and it would be a shame if you didn’t visit at least one pub during your stay, but if you’re in the mood for some other kind of entertainment, look for night clubs or places that play strictly oriental music. There is something for everyone in this city.

Dublin is one of the most charming cities in Europe: River Liffey, interspersed with numerous bridges runs from west to east, dividing the city in two parts. South of the river you’ll find historical sites that Dublin is abundant of. In the center of the historic core is Dublin Castle, which was built on the sight of the former Viking fortress in the thirteenth century by the order of King John, the first (and self-proclaimed) Irish Lord. Most of what is left of it today is from the eighteenth century, and from the original building only the Record Tower remained, whose lavish architecture and elegant rooms resembles a real European palace.

Every tourist sightseeing require a visit to the Ireland’s most prestigious university, Trinity College, founded in the sixteenth century and attended by such figures as Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Jonathan Swift. It is very exciting to look around the Old Library built in 1732 which treasures four million books the most famous being the Book of Kells – the most beautiful copy of medieval manuscripts.

Every cultural enthusiast will be impressed by the visit to the National Museum that houses a rich collection of Irish history dating from the seventh century BC. Among the exhibits worth admiring are also prehistoric gold objects (or: Irish gold) that make the most important remains of the gold items in Europe.

Not far from this site are many Dublin hostels and the popular Dublin district, Temple Bar, with numerous authentic Irish pubs. It is said that they are the ones who give Dublin its soul, due to the mixture of audio and visual scenes in which Irish and tourists, traditional music and marry bagpipes are harmlessly intertwining . On the west side of Temple Bar are historic Christ Church and St. Patrick’s cathedrals, as well as the Liberties area where the famous Guinness brewery and warehouse are, and where the renowned black beer is produced.

The Irish are known to possess the gift of babble, not only can they cause a storm with words, make a piece of paper flourish by using a pen, but because they like talking so much you’ll have the unforgettable time even waiting to get a room in hostels Dublin.

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