Plan Your New Years Eve Party on Time

New Years Party
New Years Party

New Year Party in every city in Europe and around a world is a big event and wherever you go you will have fun, you will meet new people and it will definitely be a party of the year wherever you go. Europe is one big party place and every major city has a tradition of New Years Eve Party and next to that tradition there are parties all around the city in clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants. There is everything for everybody and every taste for party and music will be satisfied. You probably have days off from work or school and you shouldn’t stay in your home town because you already seen everything.

Have champagne in Champs-Élysées in Paris, listen to “On the Blue Danube” or try to get the ticket for famous 1st January concert in Vienna, Crawl pubs and have excellent Irish beer in Dublin, New Year from a fairytale in Prague, party away in the Europe party capital Belgrade, make a wish in midnight in Di Trevi Fountain in Rome, have a outdoor spa while show is falling in Budapest or anything else your heart desires you will find in Europe capitals for New Years Eve.

Browse around hostels and you will find the cheapest accommodation wherever you decide to go. Europe is fabulous place to travel since the good train and bus connections and if you book in time there are number of cheap flights. Try to find flights to the city close to the place you want to go, the ticket might be cheaper. Usually for New Year holiday tickets are quite expensive for big cities but if you find an airport close enough you will get cheaper ticket and you can enjoy extra drink on the party. It doesn’t really need to be true that hostels and hotels for New Years Eve are raising their prices. You will see that some of them will give you nice discounts if you book for 3 or 4 days. Just have a short look at hostels and you will realize that finding accommodation for New Years Eve, even now, is not difficult at all.
You will also see that those websites can give you all the necessary information about partying away in Europe capitals and how to move your way around cheapest possible. The website is full of reviews and useful comments from users from all around the world.

If you are not up for booking hostel or you are traveling with family and you need a big hotel room, there is no problem with that too. Keep in mind to bring gloves and hats since New Years Eve is white and snowy in most of Europe.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  1. Your best bet for New Years Eve is Balkans. My friends and I have spent our last years’ vacation in Belgrade, and it was AWESOME! I’m definitely going to visit it again!!!

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