Pay Attention To The Choice Of Seats On The Plane

Aeroplane Window
Aeroplane Window

Planning a trip by plane to the desired travel destination? Whether you’re going through a travel agency or on your own while traveling you should pay attention to the choice of seats on the plane. It’s not all the same where you sit, especially if a flight is long.

The seat can be selected even when booking airline tickets, but if you don’t do it then you can do it at check in. To get the desired seat at check in you must arrive among the first. Most airline carriers now offer the possibility of booking tickets over the internet, where after choosing the flight and number of passengers, for which you’re making the reservation you can select the place on the plane where you would like to sit. Since the flight number and the name of the company is known it is also known what type of aircraft will fly the passengers and what is the layout of the seats. Then you can see which seats are located in the front of the aircraft, which are in the tail, i.e. which are window and which are aisle seats – you will find out how the seats are numbered, and on that basis you can request a specific number. If you are scared or you get sick, it is best to choose seats in the front of the airplane.

The experience of landing and take-off is much softer if you’re in the front of the aircraft. Passengers in the rear part are last lifted into the air, so that is why they have an unnatural view of the passengers in front of them. In addition to that, if you have an aisle seat you can see how the plain twists and curves which can give nausea to people with sensitive stomachs and in that case it is better to choose front seats. Those afraid of flying should elect seats in the front of the plane and between the aisles as they will avoid glances at the window and the motion of the airplane, and they certainly shouldn’t sit by the window opposite to wings, because a look at that wing twisting and shaking will further increase this fear. Those who like watching out the window shouldn’t be sitting in these seats either as they will not be able to see anything from the wings.

The seats are numbered so that columns are marked A, B, C, D, E, F, and rows are numbered from one onwards. Columns A and F are the ones by the window, and C and D are by the aisle. Thus is, for example, seat numbered A6 in the front of the plane by the window, and a seat with the number D25 in the back of the plane by the aisle (this example of seat numeration applies on a plane with a 3+3 seat configuration in a row). The last row should always be avoided, since those seats can’t be lowered because of the toilet and rooms for the crew. Just the same, seats in business and first class are larger and more comfortable, and there are fewer of them, and consequently there is more room for passengers. If it is a long flight you should choose an aisle seat so you have more room for legs. Seats on charter flights are usually not numbered, so the choice of seats comes down to who takes the seat first that’s where he’s sitting. In this case, if you want a good spot, you must be among the first to board the plane.

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