Nothing is cheap in Dublin

Dublin pub
Dublin pub

So, you booked a low cost flight to Dublin, one of the 30 top cities in the world. Great, but except for the flight, nothing is cheap in Dublin. The best way for you to see everything you wanted and yet not to become financially bankrupt is to book a bed in one of numerous Dublin hostels. And be careful to do that in advance, since Dublin is always packed with tourists. Tourists and backpackers from all over the world are heading toward Dublin primarily to visit the St James’s Gate Brewery where their favorite dark beverage is being made and enjoy a perfect pint of famous Guinness on the top of the world, in the Gravity Bar, place with a panoramic view of whole Dublin city. But, the Guinness Storehouse is not the only fun and relaxed place in Dublin. There are pubs on every corner and it is very possible that they have history as interesting as the Brewery itself. Maybe in one of them James Joyce met people described in his well-known “Dubliners” or George Bernard Shaw spoke to the girl later described in his “Pygmalion”. If you are not sure where to find such information, do not hesitate to ask friendly staff of Dublin hostels. They will help you discover Dublin different from the one presented in your travel guides, they will tell you where to find the real spirit of Ireland, where to go if you want to sing, dance and listen to traditional folk music and, of course, where to taste the best Irish stew. Dublin hostels are not only hostels, they are places that feel like home.

If you are traveling Europe, Dublin, as one of the favorite tourist destinations, has to be a part of your itinerary. Once in Dublin, head toward one of many affordable Dublin hostels, leave your luggage, grab a city map and set off. Although the public transport is excellent, it is much better to experience Dublin on foot. Because Dublin is an old city, there are many historical sites waiting for you to discover. You can start from the Bank of Ireland, building that used to be the first purpose-built parliament house in Europe, then have a rest on the lawns of the Trinity College before you continue toward the Olympia Theatre to buy a ticket for some of the variety shows, comedies, operettas or concerts. Across the street you will see the City Hall where the mace and the sword of the city are being kept. If you are tired of walking, you can always go back to one of the Dublin hostels you stayed in to prepare a cheap lunch in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the hostel kitchen and take a pair of more comfortable shoes. Beside warm and welcoming staff, in a hostel you will certainly make some new friends who will be eager to join you in Dublin traditional music pub crawl, an amusing tour through the famous pubs, led by two talented professional musicians, telling the story of Irish music. After such an exhausting day, you might want to grab another beer or two, settle down and relax on the soft pillows in Dublin hostels.

Well, you are a backpacker, you do not have a lot of money, you are always traveling low budget and you have met some Irish people on one of your journeys who persuaded you that nightlife in Dublin is better than anywhere else. You would like to check it out by yourself, but you know that Dublin is very expensive city. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry. There is a solution for you. Firstly, you have to book a cheap flight to get there – shouldn’t be a problem. Then, while still online, choose between many of cheap Dublin hostels and start a journey. As soon as you set your foot on Dublin ground, you will see your Irish travel buddies were right. As a city with a large population of young people, lots of students and ready-to-party-the-Irish-way tourists, it’s not surprise that social life in Dublin is fabulous. Lots of pubs, nightclubs and dance floors are waiting for you and they are open till the early morning hours. Hurry up to leave your backpack in a room you have booked in one of Dublin hostels, meet well-informed and friendly staff, pick up some advice on where to go that evening and put a spurt on. Making friends in Dublin hostels is extremely easy, since most of people came here for just the same reason as you did – to have the unforgettable time on cobbled streets of Irish capital and its traditional pubs. Cherry-pick the best route to the place you want to spend the night in, order a pint of beer, chat-up some girls and enjoy Dublin! Slainte!

If you are a tourist and you want to visit Dublin, maybe the best time to do that is the middle of March. Wondering why? Because March 17 is the Saint Patrick’s Day, the official public holiday, the day of the feasts, parades and excitement. But be careful to book a bed in one of Dublin hostels much in advance, since this time of the year, Irish capital is packed with tourists anxious to take part in the celebration, so all Dublin hostels might be occupied. Saint Patrick is recognized as a patron saint of Ireland and this part of the year is the time when everybody with a drop of Irish blood in their veins shows how proud they are to be Irish. During the Saint Patrick’s Day Festival there is something for everyone – outdoor theatre performances, concerts, street performers, clowns, face painting and amazing fireworks show. The affable staff of Dublin hostels can help you find what you like most and show you tricks how to save your budget. If you really want to blend in, ask them to teach you a few words of Gaelic. Don’t forget that green is the color whole Ireland is wearing that week. Now, with your face painted green, white and orange, with a clover on your green hat, filled with joy, you are prepared to join the street parade. Just a little tip: if you are craving a pint of Guinness and you do not have any money left, you can make a donation to the Blood Bank in Dublin. You will get a free pint of Guinness to replace iron lost during your donation!

What do you think of people whose well-wishing toast is “May you die in bed at 95, shot by a jealous spouse”? Think they are witty? Amusing? You think they know how to enjoy life? If you’d like to meet them, book a bed in one of Dublin hostels, pack your bag and go. Dublin is one of the top tourist destinations and it earned that title because of tension free citizens, laid-back atmosphere, rich history and, of course, Guinness beer and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Although the Jameson brand was sold to the French some time ago, the Old Jameson Distillery still captures the spirit of Ireland. Located in the very heart of Irish capital, it tells the fascinating story of Jameson and his son, their lives and fame. You can re-live the history of famous distillery, witness the processes of malting, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling and maturing of one of the best selling Irish whiskeys in the world and maybe, if you’re lucky enough, be one of the volunteers selected to participate in a tutored whiskey comparison. While you’re still under impression, head toward one of the Dublin hostels you stayed in, find ally willing to go singing, dancing and pub crawling with you, and hit the cobbled streets of Temple Bar quarter. After a day spent sightseeing and a long night out with your new friends, experienced and friendly staff of Dublin hostels will help you clear your head and prepare yourself for another inspiring day in Ireland.

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