Ikea Hostel

Ikea hostels
Ikea hostels

You were shopping all day long in Ikea and you haven’t finished the half of the things you wanted. You probably know how big is Ikea and that thing like that could happen easily. If you need to go home and come back the next morning maybe that is not a good idea since your house is really far away. Well, now, Ikea has a solution for you. Ikea Norway opened a hostel just next to the Ikea store where you can stay overnight and finish your shopping in the morning.

In July 2007 Ikea opened two warehouses for people who want to stay in overnight. The company is looking to open 100 locations of the hotel chain that will offer “a boutique feel at affordable prices,” according to the Daily Mail. Now, Ikea set up a temporary lounge in Paris’ Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. LandProp Holding, IKEA’s real estate development arm, has snapped up 26 acres (10.5 hectares) in a historic and somewhat blighted section of London to create an idyllic urban hamlet dubbed “Strand East.” There will be many more news from Ikea, but let’s go to the basics.

The hostel consists of dormitory rooms with loads of beds stuck together. They also have a bridal suite, with a round bed and a hanging chandelier, and the luxury suite, where customers can enjoy breakfast in bed. Family rooms are also available for parents and children to join into the Ikea fun. The best thing is, this is completely free stay. Every night, the 30 lucky few are able to stack up on meatballs, Norwegian salmon and cranberry mousse, as Ikea is offering free dinner and breakfast at the usual canteen. This is ultimate tourist attraction for Norwegians an since over 900.000 visitors come to Ikea during the vacation period this is good marketing shoot for Ikea. It’s more than one of the biggest attractions in Norway, the Holmenskollen ski jump, gets in one year. The people in Norway include visit to Ikea as a part of their holiday and now, with the hostel, their holiday will be complete. The people who stay overnight can check in to their new sleeping place from 10pm, an hour before closing time, but they will have to be quick in the morning. The shop opens at 10am so if they are lazy, people might get woken up by shoppers testing out their mattresses. After spending a night here you can take your bed sheets home as a souvenir and in hostel you can get slippers and towels with Ikea logo on them. The thing is that at 10pm it always gets crowded for booking and you have to be first in the line to be among 30 lucky. This is not really hostel with a great view or close to the main sights, except Ikea, but it is warm and comfortable place and the best way for you to decide which mattress are you going to buy.

So, if you decide to spend some money in Ikea you can get this great offer in the package. The traveling to Norway is not just about the northern lights or skiing in some of the most famous ski places in the world, it is also about Ikea. While we waiting more to come there is a question: Is this are hostels or “hostels”?

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