A Guide To Backpacking


One of the things essential to backpacking is packing lightly. You don’t want to schlep around a huge bag; besides being heavy it will make it harder for you to move around, cause you problems when using transportation and finally it will have much less room for all the souvenirs you want to get. Hopefully this guide will help you and give you some insight in what to pack.


Couple of T-shirts – one for sleeping, the other should be more absorbent to draw the sweat away from your body; it’s best if they’re fast drying so they can dry overnight. If you need it you can always buy more on the road. Pack at least one shirt with long sleeves so it serves as protection against sun and cold as well as mosquitoes.

Two pairs of pants, preferably with a lot of pockets and a pair of jeans as they are very durable.

No matter where you’re going you should always keep in mind early mornings and late nights can be a bit cold so you should take at least one fleece and make sure it has a zipper in front. If necessary fleece can be combined with other clothes to keep you warm.

Depending on where you’re going you should bring a swimsuit – it’s light, and doesn’t occupy much room. Though it might be wise to carry it anyway – who knows when the occasion for swimming will arise?

Pack about four or five pairs of socks and underwear, you can always wash them along the way so there is no need in bringing more. And don’t bother carrying anything white as it won’t stay white.

Lightweight hiking boots – make sure you break your boots in before the trip. Pair of running shoes are perfect if you’re prone to blisters and need to take off the boots for a while, as well as a pair of flip-flops which are small, fit easy in your bag and can be quite convenient if you’re staying in a hostel as some of hostels aren’t very clean.


Whether you are sleeping in a tent or in a hostel it is always a good thing to bring earplugs as there is a good chance someone will snore and you need a good night sleep after a whole day of walking.

Sleep sheet and towel – some hostels rent sheets and towels and some don’t offer them at all, so it is much better and cheaper you bring your own.

Assuming you don’t want to be one of those people who turn on the light and wake everybody to find a toothbrush you should get a white LED keychain flashlight, they are tiny and bright and efficient so they never burn out.

If you have a poor sense of orientation probably the best thing you can bring is a compass. You might not always know where you are, but you will surely know the direction you’re going.

As a backpacker you tend to travel light and when unexpected things happen you usually have to improvise and do your best with what you’ve got. Well, one thing every backpacker should have is – duct tape. Here are 10 ways how to use it in your travels.

Remember, don’t overpack – anything you may have forgotten you can buy on your way and discard later.

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