A Gondola Ride To The Carnival In Venice

Gondolas in Venice Italy
Gondolas in Venice Italy

Venice is a city of picturesque lagoons and gondolas, the goal of many tourists at the end of winter.

Who thought that melancholia and serenity cancel each other out has clearly never been at the carnival in Venice. While the veil of mist hovers above the town of lagoons, the first morning light surrounds the magnificent palaces, and through the narrow alleys moves river of people under the vivid masks, in the costumes of various colors and models – hardly anyone can resist this mystic magic.

About two weeks before the Catholic holiday Ash Wednesday, the celebration starts on Venetian streets, squares and palaces. Hiding behind the mask are not only Venetians, but also tourists from all over the world, who enjoy engaging in a new life story for a few days. In the gondolas and the streets of this unique city is a real fuss! Carnival in Venice has its own tradition. It appears for the first time in the written documents in 1094 and that is when this custom to take a few days before Lent to relax and have fun originated. The beginning of the carnival has been changing throughout the centuries so one time it started in October, but in the 19th century, under the reign of Austrians, Venetians didn’t feel like celebrating. Fortunately, in 1979 the carnival came back to life, which is all the more reason to visit and get to know this romantic city. In addition to pasta, pizza and other typical Italian specialties, the carnival in Venice offers you Frittelle – Venetian doughnuts, as well as Galan aka Crostoli – fried pastry. Fresh fruits and vegetables in Venice can be purchased at movable stalls, because famous gondolas serve witty Venetians as small greengrocers.

What would be the Venice Carnival without masks? They are made according to the historical data to look authentic and are richly decorated, mostly by hand.

St. Mark’s Square is the heart of Venice. It is surrounded by the Church of St. Mark, a bell tower and the Doge’s Palace. A typical Venetian scene is made by a large number of pigeons in this square. Gondola is a traditional mean of transportation. It is valued by the local and foreign tourists, but it’s not intended only for the romantic.  A beautiful view of the Church of Santa Maria della Salute and many picturesque houses stretches from the Grand Canal.

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  1. Venice is always crowded with tourists so if you want some time on your own try to reach Piazza St. Marco early in the morning when the sun is rising. The view is amazing and you will have some glorious photos with empty square.

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