Going Down Under: Visit Australia

Sydney Australia
Sydney Australia

Is it time for you to visit the magnificent country of Australia? Great, but be aware that the airplane ticket will be the most expensive part of your journey. However, if you are traveling from Malaysia, use the Airasia offer and, by booking your flight from Kuala Lumpur a few months earlier, save a lot of money. Being such a big country, Australia has a lot to offer, so you have to decide where to start your journey. There is no mistake with decision to take Sydney’s colonial churches, pubs and markets as a starting point. There are lots of free attractions in Sydney – Circular Quay, the stepping-off point for most attractions nearby, is a vibrant and crowded place with lots of ferries, and short distance away is the Harbour Bridge, a place with an incredible panoramic view of the city. On the southern side, there is a walkway to the famous Sydney Opera House and Royal Botanical Gardens. So, if you like the idea of spending some time here, the only thing left to take care of is accommodation. The simplest way is to go on the internet, choose some of Australia hostels, book a bed and start enjoying your journey.

Maroubra Sydney
Maroubra Sydney – Photo by: pattyjansen / public domin

“The land of thunder” according to a famous song, will strike you with its beauty and diversity. The Great Barrier Reef, the only living organic form visible from the Earth’s orbit, Tasmania “the island of inspiration”, home to extremely diverse vegetation and endemic Tasmanian devil, as well as twelve endemic bird species, incredible sealife are real paradise for wildlife lovers. If you are one of them, whether an ornithologist, oceanologist, zoologist or just an amateur observer of natural diverseness, Australia welcomes you open-handedly. The same is with the personnel of Australia hostels – welcoming, well-informed, kind and friendly. By booking a room in one of hostels in Australia, you can be sure you’ll be more than satisfied since they are friendly to your wallet too, and you’ll have an excellent base to start exploring vivid and exquisite world of wilderness opening before you. In the end of the day, in the privacy of your comfortable hostel room, take your laptop, connect to the free broadband internet and share your experiences with friends in the other end of the world.

Australia is the home of the great waves and hot surfers. If you are fond of water sports yourself, Australia is the right place for your water sport holiday. You will not be disappointed, neither with a hostel nor with your holiday. Warm atmosphere, warm people and warm weather – what else can you ask for? Oh, yes, a place to sleep. Go on the internet, book a bed in any of hostels Australia places at your disposal, and come. Pick an Australia hostel on the Gold Coast, the New South Wales Border or the Great Ocean Road, make sure it is close to the beach, bring your surf board with you and prepare for nice tubular waves. Some hostels offer a discount if you are staying for more than a week, the others have pools, nightly entertainment and much more. So, during the day you can try to reach the fame of surfing pioneers like Mark Richards, Rabbit Bartholomew or Terry Fitzgerald, and at night, you can party on the beach or by the pool. If you are real adrenalin junky, go to Port Lincoln to try shark diving. And, good luck!

Photo by: syahirhakim / public domain

Never saw a dingo or koala? It’s never too late! Wildlife viewing is one of the top tourist attractions. Why miss it when booking a good hostel in Australia is extremely easy thing to do. Just go on the internet and book one. For a small amount of money, you can enjoy magnificent scenery of Australia, a lot of them for free. Kangaroos, wombats, koala bears, emus and platypus are some of the highlights of wildlife viewing in Australia. There are numerous wildlife parks all over the country, so you can catch a glimpse of endemic species like koalas, dingoes, penguins and kangaroos. Whether you choose to visit Australian Capital Territory, The New South Wales region, The Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria or some other region, Australia hostels will be waiting for you with free maps, tips, some useful advice and hot shower after the exhausting day out in the wilderness. So, pack your backpack, don’t forget your camera and head towards the unforgettable once in a lifetime experience in the land of Oz!

Perth City Australia
Perth City Australia – Photo by: RayPhotosPerth / public dmain

“The land down under” has always been a magnet for tourists. So many things to see, such a magnificent scenery, strange animals, rare birds and attractions like Uluru Rock and the Darling River make Australia an excellent tourist destination. Considering there are friendly and cozy hostels all over the country, it can be said that this is a backpacker’s paradise. A typical hostel in Australia offers everything one demanding traveler may need: a comfortable two, three, four bedded or dorm room – in a case you like company, free internet, professional and well-informed staff always at your service and laundry facilities. When you are traveling on a budget for a long time, it is very important to save as much money as you can. So, having the ability to cook your own food in a hostel seems very convenient. With the money you save you can, if nothing else, go shopping in Brisbane, have a drink in one of Sydney cafes or have an ice-cream in the distant city of Perth. In a word, thanks to Australian hostels, you can experience all the delights of this unique country for a chicken feed.

Featured image: pattyjansen / public domain

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