Get Ready For The Maze: The Adventure Race In Pure Nature

The Maze running adventure in Serba
The Maze running adventure in Serba

Jelašnica gorge is among the nicest and most romantic gorges in southeastern Serbia. It​ ​is located 15km from the city of Niš and 3km from small town Niška Banja. The george has been proclaimed special nature reserve due to its peculiar flora and natural beauty. The size of george is only 2km, but in such small place you can see many natural wonders and creations in stone, such as dolomite columns, resembling teeth, kneeling figures and windows. Moreover, the gorge hosts over 65 endemic and subendemic plants. It’s a home of Ramonda Serbica and Ramonda Nathaliae, a very rare plant. In addition to the beautiful rock figures and rich flora, among things to see, there is also a waterfall Ripaljka, caves,​ viewpoint​s.. along with the remains of a Roman fortification. Because of these characteristics, Jelasnica george is a great place to spend your time in south Serbia. The narrow path through Jelasnica Gorge can take one to the nearby excursion site – Bojanine Vode nad summits of Suva planina called Mosor, Sokolov Kamen and Trem.

Some researchers believe that it once represented a single but branched cave through which the Jelašnica river flowed.​ ​Located between the villages of Jelasnica and Cukljenik, the gorge offers a few nice locations for camping and picnics. The george is one of the oldest climbing area in Serbia with more than 250 routes for sport climbing, big wall climbing and bouldering. Besides climbing, you have opportunity to try hiking, mountain biking, trail running, mountaineering on Suva Planina and other outdoor sports.

Adventure race Serbia
Adventure race Serbia

The Maze is the adventure race​ ​with obstacles​ t​hat will take place in​ ​Jelašnica gorge on June 13 2015. In this race, the participants will be able to choose between two categories – rookie and adventure – and their task will be to get to the finish line and overcome many different obstacles along the way. If unable to pass the obstacles, the participants will be required to perform certain replacement exercises. Participants are not required to have any special skills or knowledge. The only prerequisite is that they love spending time in nature and possess a healthy competitive streak. While crossing the track the participants will have the opportunity to experience Jelašnica gorge in an unusual and exciting way and they will be faced with different types of terrain: dirt roads, macadam, asphalt, craggy ground, off road, forest, mud, river and rock. The track itself is secured and it’s traversed walking, running or crawling.

The Maze adventure race

Obstacles are what will make this race a magical and unforgettable, both natural and those that we have created, but we will not disclose on which parts of the track you will have to overcome them.​ ​​As for rewards, the best male and female participants will be rewarded while all the other participants who finish the race will be rewarded with online certificate and race finisher. Apart from the race, there will be also other additional activities such as children workshops, cleaning of the river Jelašnica and its crook (with the aim of rasing environmental awareness), free climbing, slacklining and yoga. Application deadline is June 5. For all further information please visit

See a glimpse of what awaits you on 13 June 2015!

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