France Is Not Just Paris

Plage Miramar Beach in France
Plage Miramar Beach in France

A lot is known about France. The country we first think of when we say “revolution” is today synonymous for style, chansons, wine and cheese. Baudelaire, Hugo, Rousseau, Sartre, Piaf, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne are all famous French people who have left their mark in history, art, literature, philosophy, and music. Stay in one of the hostels France offers and check is the best food really in France and have the Parisian women really the most style.

Since many different cuisines were adopted in France, it is very difficult to recognize authentic French food. You can try some of the recipes in fully equipped kitchens available to you in hostels in France. Of course when you are in France you have to visit the magnificent, charming, magical Paris which will overflow all your senses. The spirit of metropolitan hustle and relaxation that prevails in small cafes, a multitude of cultural monuments and galleries which preserve priceless artistic treasures, are reasons why people always come back to the “city of light”. If you can, take a few days for this beautiful city because there is a lot to be seen. We are all familiar with the Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame from Hugo’s story about the Hunchback; there is no need to speak about the Eiffel Tower and the Triumphal Arch dedicated to Napoleon’s victories. The Elysian Fields connect the Triumphal Gate with the Place de la Concorde in which is an obelisk originated from Luxor in Egypt.

But, France is not just Paris! Enjoying France can be an experience of a lifetime if you have the right place to stay. Don’t skip the Bordeaux, the city of wines produced here since the 8th century. The steep streets, excellent museums, beautiful parks and gardens such as the Jardin Botanique and Jardin Public which originate from the 17th century will enchant you. The port city of Marseille and its colorful bazaars, narrow streets and restaurants where you can have something to eat are very attractive because of its multiculturalism. The castle-prison Château d ‘If became famous thanks to the novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Lives of many political prisoners ended here during the revolutionary turmoil. You can find out more about the history of Marseille in the Musee d’Histoire de Marseille. After the exhausting day go back to the hotel you’ve chosen, and have some down time. If you have time, get back on the road to the sky blue sea and rest from the city hustle and bustle of European capitals on the Côte d’Azur. Besides the designer boutiques you’ll find shops where clothes on sale can be bought for 5€. Nice is a perfect place for a base if you want to explore the Cote d’Azur. You’re half an hour ride from the posh cities of Monaco and Cannes but don’t worry – all around France hostels offer accommodation at affordable prices.

When in France, whether you eat in a restaurant or a hotel prepared for you, it is impossible to make a mistake, but if you’re a gourmet this is a place for you. Languedoc-Roussillon area stretches from south of France west of the Rhone to the Spanish border. There are landscapes that take your breath away: sand beaches, deep ravines of Sevenen plateau, interesting caves and vineyard decorated hills – all the way to the high mountains of the Pyrenees. However, it is primarily a venue for real wine lovers. The capital is Montpelier, but other cities of this province are no less fun. In addition to the cultural heritage, there is also a 200 km of sandy shore. A typical specialty on the menu is cashew with lamb, duck and pork. It is the largest vineyard in France; the main sorts are Syrah and Grenache Noir as well as the genuine and sweet wine Banyuls and Rivesaltes, which is served with desserts. “Devil’s Bridge” is near the medieval town Olague. There is a large variety of food. Tapenada paste of raspberry, anchovies, and spices is a specialty of this area.

Now imagine this: The sea shines in all shades of turquoise color, white beach is brilliant and it looks as if a man has never set foot on it. That is what vacation looks like on the beaches of New Caledonia in the South Pacific. Bad weather is an unknown concept; the sun always shines here – guaranteed. The most beautiful beaches of France are at the other end of the world, more specifically, in New Caledonia. In the French overseas territory near the equator, people don’t know the treacherous spring or dreary autumn. New Caledonia became a French territory in 1853 and this, despite partial self-government, remained until today. It’s no wonder that the French charm is felt everywhere. The minute you step out of you hostel in France you will realize that the Parisian “scent” is noticeable in boutiques around the Place des Cocotiers in the capital Noumea. The day starts very early here. At five o’ clock the market in Baie de la Moselle turns into a colorful sea of flowers and fruits. From there you go to the tour of the city and its beautiful colonial houses. There are beautiful beaches in the capital, such as the one in the Baie des Citrons with nicely decorated bars or beaches surrounded by palm trees in the bay of Anse Vata.

France is waiting for you!

Image: Plage Miramar Beach in France by Dennis Jarvis

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