First Party Then Chill In Ibiza

Ibiza Party
Ibiza Party

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is an isle of beautiful beaches, crazy nightlife, a land where time doesn’t exist. Controversial place with wildest parties offers outings 24/7, with entertainment under the protection of the goddess Tanit.

Numerous young people from different parts of the world make Ibiza an ideal destination for those looking for a good time. This Balearic Island of fun equally attracts people of all sexual orientations, so here, besides heterosexual, gay or bisexual; you can find transvestites, transsexuals and all others who show their love openly, without any taboos.

Two cities – San Antonio and Ibiza – are famous entertainment sites, mostly for the exquisite clubs like Privilege – the largest club in the world, Eden – the most popular club in San Antonio, Es Paradis – well-known for parties on water, Amnesia – famous for foam parties, Space – after-party club, Pacha and DC10. Ibiza attracts many world famous DJs, such as Lenny Ibizarre, Robbie Rivera, Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Tiesto, David Guetta etc.

Young promoters in front of every bar and restaurant are yanking you by the sleeve, asking where you are going tonight. “Come to Space, come to Club Amnesia,” you hear them while they’re attaching some paper bracelets with discounts on you. You’ll see tinted limos with loud music and black man and woman dancing through the open sunroof, everything is noisy, everybody is smiling, everyone greets everyone on the street; the boys are throwing themselves onto the pavement in front of girls. Even though someone might find this impossible, that’s Ibiza – total madness. There is no morning, no night, no opening and closing, the music doesn’t stop, people are laughing and having fun all the time. You’ll forget anything else exists until the moment you get on the plane and fly home. Parties in this Spanish “Sodom and Gomorrah,” as many call it, start on the 1st of May and last until the first weekend in October.

Ibiza Coastal Town
Ibiza Coastal Town – Photo by: Jchai / Public Domain

As a part of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza boasts with beautiful white sand beaches, the most famous being Talamanca, Las Salinas, Figueretas, Cala Jondal, and green gardens that will take your breath away. Bora Bora is a beautiful sandy beach and a beach bar, one of the most famous in Europe – its music can be heard kilometers away. The majority regularly spends their crazy afternoons here, dancing and having fun. On arrival to Ibiza pilot will circle over the entire island before landing. No matter how strange you find it at first, you will realize that the planes take off and land every five minutes, and all the planes fly low over Bora Bora to greet people on the beach. At this point, the beachgoers put their hands up in the air and greet the pilots.

You can spend crazy nights on the island touring discotheques that can accommodate as many as several thousand people, they are in fact huge buildings on several floors with different music, depending on what you like. The disco Amnesia can hold up to ten thousand people, and girls are dressed as forest fairies, in gold, with a meter long wigs and a few meters tall stilts, walk above the crowd welcoming the guests while. above them, at the gate, are other forest fairies dancing, dressed in green, gilded with flowers and branches. Cafe Del Mar, bar by the sea in San Antonio, is a place where chill-out music was “born”. The largest crowd here is before dawn. At this time of day, everyone would like to be in the Cafe Del Mar, sipping their favorite drink, enjoying a relaxing experience created by the DJ’s music and at the same time watch one of the most delightful sun rises in the world.

In any case, Ibiza is something special. The only thing you won’t get here is sleep, but never mind – there is plenty of time for sleeping.


Photo by: kevinschmitz / Public Domain

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