The film history is created in Cannes

Cannes Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival

Even though hotels can be a little bit expensive, especially this time of year, you can always save money by browsing through the hostels in Cannes for the Film Festival and find the right one for you. Cannes can do anything. This rule was true before and still applies today. The Cannes Film Festival has no competition. Berlin, Venice and Toronto simply can’t catch up. The winners at Cannes always became film classics.

For decades now the competition for the Palme d’Or is a magical moment for film producers, directors, actors and film companies. Those who are invited to Cannes can be proud and those who aren’t, they can only regret. All the films that won in the last decades enrolled into film classics. There is hardly a year without great films that fought for the grand prize, whether it is “The Third Man”, “La Dolce Vita”, Bunuel’s “Viridiana” Visconti’s “Leopard”, “Taxi Driver”, “Apocalypse Now”, “Underground” or “Dancer in the Dark” – they all received the Palme d’Or. And who remembers the winning films from Berlin or Venice. From year to year excellent films are rewarded at the Berlinale, but with no significant artistic value, politically correct rather than aesthetically interesting. The reason, of course, lies in the fact that many directors want to show their films at Cannes since this festival brings the glory. The film history is created in Cannes.

Winners of the Palme d’Or, the Chinese film “Farewell My Concubine,” Romanian “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days” were great films which also have a great significance for the development of the whole nation. Exciting film works such as “Sex, Lies and Videotape”, “Wild at Heart” or “Pulp Fiction” influenced the directors around the world and made new aesthetic standards. German films excelled in Cannes. Volker Schlondorff won the Palme d’Or for “Die Blechtrommel” and Wim Wenders triumphed with the film “Paris, Texas”. Festival in Cannes always represented a big celebration for the media. Legendary presence of film stars on the red carpet, waving for the cameras and the evening gown parade. The festival is of course a yellow press venue. Cannes has always tempted the Hollywood guests. Great American movie companies have always been present in Cannes. The commercial side of the film industry, not just the artistic, established itself in this way.

In the expensive hotels on the Cote d’Azur is negotiated, bought and sold, but you can come here anyway and find yourself a hostel in Cannes for the Film Festival and maybe even see one your favorite movie stars walking down the red carpet. Cannes was and remains the number one when it comes to the film festivals.

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