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You finally go to travel around Europe and you have just small amount of time and you want to see as much as possible. Staying in hostels and cooking is out of the question and restaurants can be quite expensive sometimes. There is loads of fast food around and every country in Europe has something specific that you have to try and that will keep you going all day long. That food is usually high in calorie and fat so you will have enough energy running around all day long but don’t live only on that kind of food.

If you are moving around Balkans the grill is excellent in every step. The famous Bosnian cevapi and Serbian pljeskavica are made out of mixed beef and pork meat and even they look like hamburger they are more delicious. Try with local cream cheese, kaymak. Borek is Turkish food that you will find also all around Balkans and if you are not fan of meat, the cheese one is true delicates.

When you are traveling around Germany and Austria, be sure to try local sausages that you can buy on every corner. Put some mustard on them and eat them with fresh bread. Even they have different names like Wiener sausage or Frankfurter they are quite the same taste and you can get them anywhere. Everywhere in Europe you will find pizza as fast food but in Italy that would be like insulting Italian favorite food. Pizzetta is quite similar to pizza and in some parts of Italy it is sold as fast food and when you see local people standing in a line waiting that means that place is the best for pizzetta. A piece or two will keep you full for couple of hours.

While walking around France grab some French bagels and enjoy the supreme taste. This is something that French people eat for breakfast but you can continue eating it all day long. You will always find a bakery shop opened somewhere and you can always have fresh croissants. While in Spain don’t miss the famous Spanish ham sandwiches. Spanish ham is well known by its quality and taste and ham sandwiches are sold all around as fast food.

One more Turkish food that you can find all around Europe is kebab. This excellent meat sandwich is usually cheap and more than tasty. Fish and chips are something that people in UK can’t do without. While walking around London you will see that it is available everywhere and that people live out of it. Central Europe has also excellent fast food and be sure to try sweets in Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

If you are wondering around Russia or Ukraine don’t miss pancake with caramel sauce and the famous potato snacks. If you are keeping up with traditional taste and don’t like tasting domestic food of country that you’re in, there are always McDonald’s restaurants all around Europe.

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