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So, it’s August and you don’t know where to go? Then pack your backpack, come to Edinburgh and visit or maybe even perform at the famous Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh Festival is the largest gathering of artists in the world. It’s not just one, but several events among which are jazz, movie and book festivals. However, the best known is definitely the Fringe festival which gathers professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs willing to make an appearance to the audience even if it’s only in a garage or a park bench.

It all started back in the 1947 when a group of eight theater troupes crashed the first Edinburgh International Festival, and decided to perform no matter what. Now over 60 years later it’s one of the largest arts festivals counting over 2,000 shows, more than 18,000 performers, and lasting three weeks. It’s mostly performing arts festival, such as theater and comedy, but there are also a lot of music, dance and children’s shows, so there is something for everyone. Besides ticketed events, there is also a street fair stretching all the way throughout the Royal Mile where you can see a lot of free shows. One of the charms of Fringe is that anyone can join in, as long as they have a venue for their show, concert, play or performance. Because of this, shows are organized in churches, warehouses, private houses, rooms above pubs and, if there is nowhere else to go, in the parks and on the streets – anywhere just in hope their performance will be seen.

For lovers of stand-up, Edinburgh is a paradise, with a third of the Fringe programme given over to comedy. Some argue that comedy is too dominant, but today Edinburgh continues to stage important theatrical debuts, like Gregory Burke’s 2006 drama Black Watch, about soldiers’ experiences in Iraq. More recently Rona Munro’s trilogy The James Plays (2014), about three generations of Scottish kings, met with critical acclaim. – BBC

For many performers, such as members of the Monty Python group, Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie, Fringe was a springboard. Because of its popularity many more Fringe Festivals were created in New York, Dublin, Prague but none as grand and unique as this one in Edinburgh. It’s no wonder why over million people, performers and visitors, come here every year and as of that it can become really crowded and exhausting so take a day off of Fringe and relax, maybe visit a book festival or take a swim, and after that, when you feel refreshed, join back in and enjoy this unique festival.

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