Eco Hostels in Albanian Abandoned Bunkers

Probably you never heard or maybe you have just a slight idea where Albania is and what is out there. This country has beautiful mountains, great coastal line, charming villages and fabulous Balkan food. Tourism of this country is still developing and tourist are coming from all around the world but still in smaller number than in any other surrounding country.

Albania has beautiful nature and some stunning views of Adriatic Coast and all around the country you will find concrete bunkers from the period of Communist dictator Enver Hoxha. There are 750.000 bunkers all around the country scattered on rich and beautiful landscape of Albania and they are just giving the bad image of the country. Two students of interior design came up with idea to transform those concrete bunkers into network of habitable eco-hostels, cafés, gift shops and more. This project is still in proposal stage but it has great support in public. This is comprehensive plan not just to transform Albania’s concrete bunkers into economic assets, but also for reclaiming the structures symbolically. Based on the size and location the bunkers would be given the function. This would advance Albanian tourism and give complete new perspective of eco tourism. This would also create jobs in tourism all around the country. So, basically this project had many perspectives and since bunkers already exist there is no need to build something and spend money on construction. These small hostels would be budget hostels and anyone could afford to stay in them. These “mobile” hostels will be excellent for people who like to enjoy nature and adventure. They can book one hostel and stay anywhere in Albania without taking the trailer or camping tent.

The project says that the paranoid Albanian past can be transformed into bright future of landscapes of Albania. People don’t like seeing these bunkers, they remind them of the terrifying past and these bunkers are interesting just for tourists. Yes, they will look the same but people of Albania will know that something good is inside of them now. This project will give these concrete mushrooms a value instead being a burden of the country. Albania has a great potential for Eco tourism and they should use it. This sector of tourism is underdeveloped, unfortunately, and there is this big hotel in Albania, already built and no one is using it. So, maybe when you get the plan to go to Albania this project will be finalized and you will have a chance to stay in most incredible hostels around the country and enjoy the amazing view in the morning from the small window.

Until then, you can just go around countryside of Albania and have a peek into the concrete mushrooms.

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