Do People Really Die in Hostels?

Death in hostel

After you watched movie Hostel 1 or Hostel 2 you probably wondered about this. The creators of the movie Hostel 1 and 2 say that they found a website online that offers tours in Thailand where you can torture an kill people for 10000$. Do people actually die in hotels from unknown reasons or those are just accidents? We done some research for you and discovered that all around the world different accidents happened that are reason people died in hostels but don’t make this keep you away from traveling.

Back in 2000, a Palace Backpacker Hostel in Childers, Australia, burst into flames in the middle of the night. The fire alarms were not heard and tourists awake with the smell of smoke. Some of them escaped, by jumping through window on the roof of next door building. The less fortunate ones were met with windows that had been nailed shut or painted over and emergency escapes that were blocked. Robert Long, a 37-year-old vagrant fruit picker, was heard giving treats of burning a hostel when he was kicked out from it. He was arrested and he is still in jail but 15 people died that day.

Todolella, Spain was a place where 18 people died after a birthday party in Sant Cristòfol hostel. There were 50 people at the party and 30 left home and those who decided to stay had big misfortune. The hostel staff awoke next morning to find 18 of the 20 visitors dead, all from toxic fumes leaked from a faulty butane heating canister left on overnight. Two survivors slept in next door room and were found only unconscious. 5 people who died were members of the local rock band who played on the party that evening.

Metro Backpackers Hostel in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia was a victim of Tony Laurence McLennan, a 36-year-old employee who greeted the New Year by setting the fire in the place he worked in. some people say that he was drinking too much and others say that he wanted to cover up the money he stolen from the hostel. The victim of this hideous crime was 21 years old Scottish boy. This was not as scary as the fire in Childers but one death is quite enough.

Andréanne Lacroix-Pelletier and Anne Christelle Dubé-Marquis are both 21 year old students from Quebec. They went to bed in a small-town hostel in Bolivia and never woke up. Again the gas leaking was the one to blame for their sudden death. It turns out you’re much more likely to die from a quiet, flowing gas than a deranged lunatic looking to torture for fun. But how entertaining would a horror movie be about a faulty gas heater?

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