The days and nights are equally long the entire year in Cuba


One of the most attractive tourist destinations today is definitely Cuba. This Caribbean island is characterized first and foremost by the exotic impression which social landscape of this country has on tourists, with its entire heritage, combined with leisure cheerfulness and spirit of the local population, all that complemented with the legendary beauty of Cuban women.

Tourism is the primary branch of the Cuban economy, followed by the production of tobacco for which Cuba is world famous, mostly because of the cigars, made in the traditional way in the factories on this island. The main advantages of this tourist paradise are primarily the openness and directness of the local inhabitants, and since half of them are Mestizo and Mulatto, the notion of racism is unknown here. Everything is subjected to the enjoyment. Spicy foods, amazing cocktails, skimpy clothes and the nightlife are something everyone should experience, so it’s no wonder why more and more tourists hasten to visit this country every year. Most tourists come from Canada, Western Europe and, of course, America. Although the Americans are officially not allowed to visit this country, tourists find various ways to get in. Many of them come to see old american cars called “Yank Tanks”.

Cuba is an equatorial country in which the days and nights are equally long the entire year. Stretching all the way along the island are sandy beaches, and the biggest attraction is 5745km of coastline, characterized as “the beach of your dreams”. Along the beach the blue and the turquoise color of the sea alternate and on each sandy beach you can play volleyball and soccer. Near the beach are alleys of palms, cactuses and orchids in bloom. Bars, from where you can hear loud music characteristic to this area – fast rhythms and percussions – are scattered on the beaches. The Cuba Libre is being poured, the best rum is being drunk and the beaches are full of tourists who are enjoying themselves on colorful deck chairs. The largest number of hotels is owned by the state, except a small number that belongs to the world famous chains. Accommodation in hotels is luxurious and inexpensive. Of course, in the hotels you’ll find mostly foreigners since the local population doesn’t have access to the hotels. The hotels are equipped with everything that tourists need. There are boutiques, shops where you can buy famous Cuban cigars and souvenirs with Che Guevara, a revolutionary of global popularity, who has a cult status, especially among the younger population. Here season lasts all year, so whenever you come – you can’t go wrong. Arrival to this island certainly implies you should visit the capital of Cuba, Havana, while the most famous summer resort is Varadero.

Havana is a city that has grown rapidly in the early 20th century. The capital of Cuba is dominated by the opposites – small houses versus tall buildings are the most common architectural sight. The most famous part of the city is Vedado, packed with museums, theaters, bars and clubs. The best known street is La Rampa, where sidewalks are painted with various motifs, which in combination with colored granite leave a special impression on everyone. The most famous beach is Santa Maria, which is 18 km long. Life in this city never stops because Havana never sleeps. If you’re looking for a good time, don’t miss club Tropicana (the drinks aren’t free), but don’t underestimate other places. The lure of this town are most certainly its kind and hospitable residents. They are always here to help you, teach you the basic steps of rumba, have a chat with you, and of course, offer you coffee, strong, black, a real Cuban.

Varadero invites you with its sandy beaches, resembling white soft flour. Turquoise sea, lush vegetation and warm climate create a paradise for romantic souls, but also for those with adventurous spirit. Along the 17km long beach are restaurants where live music entertains guests each night. The beaches are wide, but there are plenty of small coves where you can seclude and enjoy the romance with a soul mate, away from all the hustle and bustle of many tourists, alone in this paradise on earth. The place is completely customized to tourists and retains very little of the authentic Cuban spirit. Varadero has a golf club, dolphinarium, ecological park, which extends to 360 acres, and caves with Indian drawings. By the way, this is a favorite summer resort for the newlyweds, who often opt to spend their honeymoon here.

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