Best Attractions In Edinburgh

Well known capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is great place to be any time of year. With its stunning architecture, interesting night life, amazing festivals and sights that will leave you breathless, Edinburgh is a place that you have to explore at least couple of days if not more.

The boon for lovers of architecture and history is the amazing Edinburgh Old Town which is the heart of the city. Only meters away there is the New Town which has unique mixture of new and old and unique architectural heritage of the city. Edinburgh Castle is the most popular place in the city because of the stunning views from Castle battlements. On a bright day you can see far away and the view is just amazing. This is also a central point of Scotland. If you are interested in military objects, Castle is the perfect place to visit.

Real Mary King’s Close is subterranean labyrinth, quite spooky but it gives you a fascinating insight to the daily life of 16th and 17th century Edinburgh. Duddingston is dating from 12th century and it is one of the oldest parts of the city. You will find 18th century pub there, the Sheep Heid and on the eastern end you will find Prince Charlie’s Cottage. Charlotte Square is architectonic pearl in New Town. This amazing square was built in the 18th century and it is home of Bute House, the official residence of prime minister of Scotland. If you are ready to get a bit scared, you should head to Edinburgh dungeons. You can see live actors who perform scary sketches on your tour around it.

There’s also a ‘horror labyrinth’ and ghost of little drummer boy is living there. The oldest part of Edinburgh settled just between the Edinburgh castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse is called the Royal mile. This twist of small streets, steep descents is completely full of interesting houses and city history. While walking around the city you can’t miss the statue of Bobby and to hear the sad story about this faithful dog. If you are up for some fantasy you should head to Lech Ness explore center. This center has great exhibition of photos and 3D movie about Nessie, the famous Loch Ness monster. The Palace of Holyroodhouse is official residence of the Royal family in Scotland. it is more famous because the fact that this was a home of Mary, Queen of Scots back in 16th century.

Edinburgh Scotland Panorama
Edinburgh Scotland Panorama: photo by Cwhiteharp

When Royal family is not coming here Palace is opened for visits. For the best glass of scotch whiskey there is Heritage center where you can learn about whiskey production and where you can have excellent food with maybe a sip of whiskey in it. There are number of art galleries and museums scattered around Edinburgh and it will take days to admire them all.

Try to visit Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, National Portrait Gallery, National museum of Scotland and National Gallery of Scotland. You can find some of the finest art exhibitions in those places.

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