50 Things To Do In Prague

Prague panoramic view

It is really tiring to find cheap things to do in Prague since they bill all tourist attractions but we went to some hell and made the list of 50 free things to do in Prague so you can get spend your budget on tasty Czech beer.

Charles bridge
Charles bridge – Photo by: Unsplash / Public Domain
  1. Charles bridge – the most popular place in Prague is completely free and if you wake up early in the morning you can enjoy beautiful sunrise and the bridge without tourists
  2. Old Town square – is a place where you can enjoy mixture of architecture and there are always crowds of people so you will never feel alone. You can grab a beer and just enjoy people watching.
  3. Astronomical clock – on Old Town Square will give you free performance every hour on the hour. You will 12 apostles showing themselves on the small window.
  4. The National Museum – every first Monday of the month the admission to this grand museum is free so you can enjoy its charms if you are in Prague at that time.
  5. Open-air flower and produce market is just a block away from Old Town Square and it is completely interesting place to be. You will probably spend few euros since everything looks so interesting and you will have to buy something. This market dates from the 13th century.
  6. The National Gallery – entrance to permanent exhibitions is free every first Wednesday of the month from 3 to 8pm.
  7. Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia – a perfect place for traditional art experience. This site was founded in 1231 and restored in the 1960s.
  8. Veletrzni Palace – is a place where you will find a spectacular collection of contemporary art.
  9. The Museum of Decorative Arts is free on Tuesdays from 5 to 7 pm. On permanent display you will find textiles, toys, graphic arts, furniture, ceramics, and Bohemian glass. Exterior of this building is also worth looking.
  10. Zizkov Television Tower is a place where you will see the famous climbing babies and this tower gives spectacular view of Prague since it is 219m high.
  11. The Kampa Museum has free entrance on the first Wednesday every month. The collection has works by Czech artists living in exile, and consists mainly of art acquired by Meda and Jan Mladek.
  12. Hunt Kastner Artworks is a free of charge gallery devoted to cultivating the careers of emerging Czech artists.
  13. Jiri Svestka Gallery is another excellent collection of contemporary and modern pieces of art. The entrance is free anytime you drop by.
  14. Galerie Display is interesting due to the fact that you can meet some of the most famous Czech artists there. It is also favorite place for film screening. From Wednesday until Sunday in the afternoons the admission is free.
  15. The Moser Glass Factory shop is located close to Wenceslas Square and you can always drop by and have a look at true bohemian glass. The factory is settled in Karlovy Vary and the admission to the factory museum is free if you are there.
  16. Church of Our Lady before Tyn is a famous gothic church settled on the Old Town Square and the entrance is free.
  17. The Jewish Quarters are north of Town Square and this is the area where Franc Kafka spent most of his life creating some of his best works. You need to pay the admission fee if you want to visit Kafka’s house or Jewish museum but it is completely free to walk around this interesting area of the city.
  18. The Lennon Wall is a wall located just outside Charles Bridge where artists and the ones who desired freedom of speech wrote messages after Lennon’s death. If you have something to say, it is still free to write on it.
  19. Vysehrad is the tenth-century castle ruins and right next to it you will find graveyard where ome of the Czech Republic’s most notable scientists, poets, playwrights, composers, painters and other visionaries are buried.
  20. The Czech Museum of Music is located in the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena and you can enter it for free every first Thursday of the month. You will find here excellent display of instruments.
  21. Muddum is an art gallery which regularly has free film screenings, craft nights, workshops, and lectures. Sometimes there is free food and drinks.
  22. The Franciscan Monastery is near to Wenceslas Square and has beautiful gardens and a courtyard playground where local families usually come to relax and play. The benches are comfortable and you will enjoy the smell of herbs and flowers. The fountains make this place peaceful and great place to relax after hard day of touring.
  23. Certovka – is a small playground for children where parents can be perfectly relaxed since there is no safer place for children in the city.
  24. Sparkys Toy Store is a toy store from your dreams. This is the biggest toy store in Prague. You will find loads of classic wooden toys and other authentic playthings.
  25. Go Zlute lazne is a beach on Vltava and the entrance is free after 5pm. You can swim in Vltava or just relax on the grass.

    Astronomical clock
    Astronomical clock – Photo by: PeterKraayvanger / Public Domain
  26. The Golden Prague Poker Room is located in Casio Atrium Hilton and for the players they five away free drinks and cigarettes. After 9pm there is free food buffet.
  27. Bukowski’s on Tuesday’s evening there is free sangria night for the ladies.
  28. Petrin Hill is the place that has the best panoramic view of Prague. It is also great place for people watching and has really good beer places too. It is a great place to see the Old Town square, The Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.
  29. The Prague Castle – the grounds of Prague Castle are free to walk around and admire the architecture of the city.
  30. Prague’s city parks like Stomovka, Petrin, and Letna, offer scenic views and expansive greenery. In summer, the gargantuan Petrin Park is an ideal spot for picnics, lounging, and taking a break from hurried city life. In winter, it’s a popular spot for sledding, and winter sport seekers are known to leave sleds and large plastic bags for tourists’ sledding enjoyment.
  31. Divoka Sarka Park is a nature-filled paradise for water and wildlife lovers. Don’t be fooled by McDonald’s at the entrance, this is a perfect piece of paradise in Prague. You can swim in the lake of the Park for free.
  32. Holesovice Market is excellent outdoor market for food, beverages and electronics.
  33. Havelska Market is a place where you will find local products, jewelry, art, and toy and it is located in the heart of Old Town.
  34. St Vitus’s Cathedral – be prepared to spend some time waiting in the line but the spectacular interior of this cathedral is amazing and it is one of the places you shouldn’t miss while in Prague.
  35. Free Prague Tours offers walking tours of both the left bank and the right bank, leaving from Old Town Square at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. daily. They will expect some tips for the tour and you can give any amount of money.
  36. Chatting with the locals – for this activity you will have to move away from the city center. The Prague is always crowded with tourists and you will hardly meet people from Prague in the city center. On the outskirts of the city center there are excellent pubs and bars where you will not be served if you don’t know Czech.
  37. Fanfare concert – every day at noon there is change of guards in Prague castle and you can listen to free fanfare concert and spectacular performance of the guards.
  38. Free films are shown in American corner every Thursday at 6pm.
  39. Abaton is a pub hosting “free Monday’s” parties where you can listen to the live band and you don’t need to drink anything for that matter.
  40. Karlovy Lazne is the most famous club in Prague and few days a month there is free entrance night. You just need to look out for the signs and posters around the city. This place is always hosting famous DJ’s and excellent bands.
  41. U Maleho Glena is a place where on Monday night you will find Stan the Man playing blues. This is the oldest running blues act in Prague. Be sure to book the place since the bar is quite small.
  42. Dancing house – while strolling down Vltava from Charles Bridge you will find a house that you probably thing it will collapse any second. It is the famous Prague dancing house and it is completely stabile and from the top there is really nice view of other side of Vltava.
  43. Witches night is the festival held at late April and you can see witches burning on bonfires and there is lots of witches walking around Prague that night. It is a festival that in old times was saying goodbye to the winter and saying hello to the summer time.
  44. Czech Folklore Festival is held every year in May in Marianske Namesti and it is great place to see the traditional dancing and singing of Moravian, Bohemian and Slovakians.
  45. Prague Night of Museums – is a popular night in June when all the museums and churches are opened to the public for free all night long. You can always ask around when is the night in local tourist offices.
  46. Night of Churches is annual event held in May when all the churches are opened all night long and you can visit them for free.

    View from Charles bridge
    View from Charles bridge
  47. Verdi Festival – late August to early September, hosted at the State Opera House and lasting approximately two weeks, the Verdi Festival features a range of concerts and some of them come for free.
  48. Christmas market – is the best place to stroll if you are in Prague around Christmas. This market is opened all month long in December and you will find it on Old Town Square. You can get some excellent mulled vine.
  49. South Gardens are hosting summer shows and every day you will find some excellent concerts there, for free of course.
  50. Charles Bridge again since it is the place of the best city performances and you can enjoy music and dancing all day long there. The night concerts are probably the best in the city


Featured image by tomasdratnal / Public Domain

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  1. Wow! What a huge list. I wrote about 10 things to do but 50 definitely takes the cake. I think I might have to add a few places to my post after reading this. Great job. Now I’ve got to go visit Prague again since there’s nearly 30 more things I want to check out.

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