50 Things To Do In Paris

Paris is city of lights, beautiful girls, excellent food and amazing sights and you will have to pay for almost everything. Well, there is always something you can do for free and we created a list of 50 free things you can do in Paris, France after you save all of this money treat yourself with real French dinner in some of finest Parisian restaurants. You can’t leave Paris without that experience.

1. Notre Dame Cathedral – one of the most famous cathedrals in Paris is always opened to enter for free. You will have to pay to climb the tower and the entrance to the treasury but if you just want to admire the church, it is absolutely free.
2. Eiffel Tower Views – just sitting on the grass and enjoying the marvelous lights in the night is completely free.
3. Paris Greeters Tours – find them on their website and this Parisians will give you free tours anytime. These tours are short but if someone has more time they will give you big tour.
4. Seine River – to stroll next to the Seine is completely free and so beautiful in the evening when lights of Paris are starting to go on. Absolutely romantic.
5. Steps of Sacre Coeur – climb these steps and you will have one of the most beautiful views of Paris. This famous church is on the top of Montmartre and gives you the wonderful view on a sunny day.
6. Paris Flea Markets – if you want to shop around this market that will cost you euro or two but just walking around is free and completely interesting.
7. Fragonard Perfume Museum – prepare your nose to be shocked. This museum has also a free guided tour and the entrance is free too.
8. Versailles Gardens – if you want to enter palace that will cost you a lot but walking around one of the most beautiful gardens in the world is absolutely free. On Sundays the musical fountain is on and there is a small charge of entrance.
9. Hôtel de Ville – this is one of the most expensive hotels in Paris and if you can’t afford a room you can always have a look of the beautiful architecture of the place. Sometimes there are art shows in the lobby.
10. Maison de Victor Hugo – his apartment has first editions of his book and visiting it is completely free. If you are a fan this is excellent news.
11. Musée Curie – the famous lab of the great Marie Curie displays her Nobel prizes .
12. Maison de Balzac – even if you are not a fan the view of the Eiffel tower from his apartment is great and surely worth visiting.
13. Musée Carnavalet – it is located in old Parisian mansions and that is always a good plus. This is a Paris history museum and the entrance is always free.
14. Parks and Gardens in Paris – the list of paris gardens and parks is too long and they are scattered all around the city and you can always find some peace and quiet there. Don’t miss to visit Jardin du Luxembourg and Parc de la Villette where in the summer you can see puppet shows.
15. Cemeteries in Paris – one of the most famous cemeteries in Paris where number of famous people were buried, Pere Lachaise is free to enter. Also the Montparnasse Cemetery has few celebrities in its ground. If you like creepy places to wonder around, just head to these cemeteries.
16. Paris Plage – if you want to cool down in the summer you can head to the beach of Paris and swim in Seine anytime. The banks of Seine get loads of beaches in the summer.
17. Ice Skating Rinks – you will have to pay to rent the skates but skating is for free if you pop up in Paris in winter.
18. Free Concerts in Paris –an organ recital at Notre Dame or Saint-Eustache or a classical or blues concerts at the American Church in Paris or choir rehearsal at Sacre-Coeur, in loads of churches you can find free concerts and excellent ones too. Just ask in the tourist information office since they know the days of the concerts.
19. Musee de Prefecture de Police – this museum shows the history of Parisian police and it is a little bit different that everything else in Paris so it is worth visiting for sure.
20. Observation Deck at La Samaritaine – this department store was closed in 2005 for renovation and before that the view from the top floor was completely free of charge. After the renovation probably it will be the same.
21. Meeting the Locals – for this you just need to stroll around the small coffee shops and start talking. You can practice your French.
22. Trailing les Américains – just few block from the La Nation Square there is a grave of Marquis de Lafayette and you will see the original model of Statue of Liberty which was presented to the Americans.
23. Musée de l’Armée – the Battle of Yorktown is displayed in this museum
24. Hanging Out at Place des Vosges – this is a favorite place for people watching and you can always just sit in the sun and listen to the fountains play.
25. Viewing Avant-Garde Art – dozens of small art galleries are settled in this place and you will soon realize that not all art of Paris is settled in museums.
26. Champs-Elysées – this is the world’s greatest promenade and great place to stroll. If you are in Paris for new years eve, this is the place of the biggest party in Paris
27. Jardin des Tuileries – a perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day and great place to meet Parisians. This park is right next to Seine and stretches out all the way to Louvre.
28. Get your own bus tour – you have a ticket for city transportation? So just use it and see Paris from a city bus. Bus number 29 is the best choice for a good sightseeing.
29. Le Showcase – the entrance to this club is free before midnight and it is a great sport for live jazz and live rock lovers.
30. Fashion shows at Galleries Lafayette – on the 7th floor of the Galleries Lafayette on Friday afternoon there are free fashion shows that you can attend.
31. Radio France Concerts – Petit Palais auditorium on Sundays is full with classical concert lovers. The concerts are free but you have to come 30 minutes earlier to grab the tickets.
32. Sorbonne University and Latin Quarter – this is one of the oldest universities in the word and it is located in the heart of Latin Quarter. Strolling around is free of charge and in the summer you can find students who will give you free tour.
33. Free Wi-Fi – if you need internet you can find free Wi-Fi connection all around Paris. Some coffee shops are asking for you to grab some coffee but loads of parks have it free of charge and they are marked with the sign.
34. Tuileries Gardens – sitting on the bench on the end of the gardens and looking at foolish pedestrians who are trying to cross the terrible traffic here even if it is a red light can be loads of fun. Sometimes it looks like hidden camera show.
35. The Boul St Michel – in front of Pompidou center you will find excellent street entertainers.
36. College of France – the lectures are free and if you are staying longer in Paris you can use them for learning French for free.
37. Nuit Blanche – usually in early October Paris has famous night of the museums and that is the night when all the museums stay opened and they are free of charge. But this is one night only so you better ask around on time.
38. Louvre Museum – On the 1st Sunday of every month and all day on Bastille Day (July 14) the entrance to the world’s famous museum is free of charge. If you’re under 26, Friday nights from 6pm-9:45pm you can get in free.
39. Musee d’Orsay – On the 1st Sunday of every month, there’s no admission fee. Kids under the age of 18 always get in for free.
40. Centre Pompidou – free entrance is on the 1st Sunday of every month. Kids under the age of 18 always get in for free, and the lively square outside the museum is always free no matter how old you are. Oh, and for a nice view, there’s no charge to ride the Pompidou escalators to the top.
41. Musée Rodin – also on the 1st Sunday of every month is completely free to enter.
42. Musée National du Moyen Âge – probably the best time to come to Paris is the 1st Sunday of every month since this museum is also free of charge then. Kids under the age of 18 always get in for free.
43. Notre Dame Tower –from October-March on the 1st Sunday of the month is free to climb the north tower of the cathedral.
44. Sainte-Chapelle –from November-March on the 1st Sunday of the month the entrance is free and it is always free for under 18..
45. Pantheon – On the 1st Sunday of the month from October-March.
46. 1st & 2nd Levels of Eiffel Tower – if you are up for climbing the stairs that will cost you 3 times less than taking the elevator. Just stop here and there, have a look from the stairs and in 20 minutes you will climb up.
47. Offbeat Museums – the “hidden gems” of the Paris are small museums in off beaten tracks and they are usually free of charge or just a small fee will take you in. they will make your trip to Paris more interesting and great places to skip the rainy day.
48. Couscous – Le Grenier, Le Tais and Les Fontaines will give you free couscous with the drinks so you just pay drinks and get free meal. Great, isn’t it?
49. Boat Tour on the Seine River – this cost only 10euros and bigger groups and students can get discount but it is a beautiful way to spend a part of the day.
50. Pont Neuf – this place will give you 360 degrees of excellent view of Paris, don’t miss it.


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