What is backpacking?

Backpacking way of life
Backpacking way of life

You will often hear that backpacking is a way of life, a different approach to traveling and far away more than just walking around and sightseeing. Backpacking is a way to discover the world in completely new way. Backpacking doesn’t teach you independence; you already have to be independent and strong. It teaches you how to survive in tough and sometimes violent environment. Backpacker has to explore the world weather is that small local bar in Barcelona or walking around jungle of Congo. The principle is the same, you have to go across the boundaries of what seems impossible and go into the wilderness.

If you are ready to become backpacker head and first buy backpack. No, suitcase won’t work it out. Do you think you can struggle with jungles and big crowded cities with suitcase? Yes, we know, suitcases have wheels and they are easy to carry around but not in the places where a real backpacker wants to go. When you put backpack on your shoulders and plug the bucket around your waist you can bring much more things than carrying suitcase in one hand. The system of backpack is created that way that shares the weight around evenly, allowing you to walk for much longer, and across far more uneven terrain. Without backpack you will probably stay closer to the main sights and you will never become a true traveler.

True backpacker wants to learn from its traveling. When you have everything on a plate by tourist agency, that is not interesting anymore, not for a backpacker. Backpacker will always explore, ask around, meet other travelers, hear their stories, and transfer own experiences. You need to understand the world that you are traveling to, the local culture; you have to try local food, see local customs and go not just one step behind the curtains. Nowadays, the only limits to travel are imagination, ambition and courage. You need to put yourself over there on the road and really enjoying your traveling. Being a backpacker means that you have to pursuit the unique things and catch moments of beauty. You have to realize that beauty is all around you and when you feel that you will be completely happy and true backpacker. Sunrises over the ocean, mist in the mountains, temples and houses scattered on hills are just few of those things. You have to catch something exotic and strange, something you know you don’t have at home. If that is something weird or you don’t understand it, just ask, explore but you also need to know that not everything is meant to be understood.

When you pick up all of the experiences and knowledge of traveling you will realize that, that is all you need. They will become part of you and that is something that can never be taken away from you. You will be rich even without money in your pocket. Backpacking will give you your hidden smile, the one you never knew you have.

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