Traveling With Children: Are We There Yet?

Traveling with children
Traveling with children

Long travels with children can be a nightmare for some parents. It’s known that children can’t stay still long in one place. Some kids can’t stand traveling and they frequently throw up. Statistics show that the famous question: “Are we there yet?” every child asks after just 45 minutes in the car. For safety reasons, children should always be in their seats and we all know how much the kids love them.

Be aware that there is no need to bring the entire house with you on a vacation. Most things you can buy anywhere and anytime on the road. Washing and ironing is provided in each hostel, and it is best to buy your food along the way so you can be sure what you’re eating isn’t spoiled. Pack your things in bags made of soft and thin material as they will adapt to the limited space in the trunk. Things you want to have on hand like food, jackets, diapers pack on the top so you can reach them easily. The best time for long trips is the night when the child is asleep, as they better tolerate the long ride. On one hand it will be harder on the driver since he’ll be driving in the dark but on the other easier since he’ll be able to concentrate on the driving due to the silence. Stop and take a break every two hours. Even though many parents don’t take this advice since they want to arrive a soon as possible, however after stopping they will realize how much it benefits them.

Nevertheless if you decide to travel during the day think about the places where you will be taking you brakes, ideal are the ones with swings and playgrounds. Before you head out and face the hot glass and the sun that shines on your child in the car, you might want to buy some sun protection to hang on the windows. Don’t forget the meds. Many kids can’t handle driving so it’s good to have electrolytes already dissolved in a bottle since children dehydrate easily. There are also anti-sickness pills, but if you have a very small child, you can’t give such tablets to it. Also keep handy syrup against temperature and a first aid kit: adhesive plasters and hydrogen.

No need to carry a bunch of food from home. A sandwich, dry cookies and snacks are a much better choice than an entire travel fridge. It is essential you have on hand water and juices. Also it is easier and safer to buy a sandwich at a gas station, than giving your child a homemade sandwich which stayed in the car for several hours. Essential items, such as pacifiers, dummies, water, diapers, towels, throw up bags, a favorite toy, the potty and wipes always keep close to you. If you and your partner are driving, switch as often as possible, so neither you nor your partner would get too tired.

Plane rides can be a very interesting experience for older kids, as long as they aren’t too long which can be stressful both for children and parents. On the other hand short trips, up to three hours, represent quite an adventure for older kids. Here’s some advice that will help you have a pleasant flight. When you’re buying tickets ask about the seats for the baby or a small child. Some airlines have special seats to which a car seat can be mounted. Try to choose a flight that isn’t too crowded and carefully prepare the things you’re bringing since there is a limit on the luggage. If possible, at take offs and landings give your child a bottle or a chewing gum because it would make it easier to tolerate the change of pressure. It is also good to have some snacks in your bag.

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