Top Places to Bargain

Thailand floating market
Thailand floating market

In some countries around the world prices are just funny thing that changes from tourist to tourist. There is no fix price and no one can really tell you how much does that cost. The only thing that you can do is to bargain. Bargaining is interesting thing to do, you get to talk with local people, get their smiles but sometimes when you go way down you can make them angry and you will have to go somewhere else to buy the same thing.

If you like this art of bargaining we wrote list of countries where you should go and try your skills:


Next to being really popular tourist destination with its pyramids and great coast line, Egypt is also a great place to do some shopping. The small alleys of medinas in the cities are just full of sellers and goods that just call you to buy them. Arabs are well known as good traders with their fabulous smile and “special price for you my friend” attitude and you can end up in everlasting twist of smiles and prices going up and down. You will be offered by tea or a place to sit down and relax.



Southeast Asia is well known by bargaining. Sometimes tourists complain that they have to bargain for almost everything, even prices of the food. Thailand is so cheap and you can buy almost anything but be sure to bargain. Thailand people are always smiling and they will always try to get as much money as possible since, after all, you are rich tourist.

Phuket Is The Pearl of Thailand
Phuket Is The Pearl of Thailand


Morocco is excellent place to have a rest in Atlantic beaches, explore Sahara and wonder around labyrinth of medinas around the cities. The tour to explore Sahara for 3 days is around 40€ but everywhere you go they will ask 150€ for start and they will always say that is a fix price. Don’t believe everything they say. Berbers do have shiny eyes and beautiful smile but when the money comes in stake, they will try to take as much as they can.

Chefchaouen in Morocco
Chefchaouen in Morocco


One of the most popular Indonesian destinations is definitely Bali. With its sparkling white beaches and great nightlife in Kuta, it is always crowded with tourists and, like in Thailand you will have to bargain sometimes even for food. Ubud traditional market is excellent place to shop silver and leather but don’t be fooled with “fix prices” written on the goods. Just start practicing your art and you will soon see the results. If you turn around and try to walk away they will pull you back.

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