Things you can do when rain spoils your vacation

Raining on vacation
Raining on vacation

You packed your bags and headed to wonderful tropical destination and suddenly you realized that you arrived in the middle of rainy season. No wonder flights were so cheap and hostels were having discounts on best rooms. All your dreams of lying in the sun on white sparkling beach went wasted and now you are doomed to sit around in your room. Or not?

When the rain spoils your “beach enjoying” vacation just make it more adventurous. Go ahead and buy couple of rain coats which are not more than 2 or 3$. Usually in tropical areas they are common thing for a person to have so no one will look at you like you were a Martian when you start walking around. Get a light summer slippers and explore the area.

Usually rains are not cold in tropical areas so you will enjoy feeling like a child again walking around rain ponds. Don’t let the rain ruin your swimming experience. You can have a swim and hide your things under the rain coat on the beach. Water is usually warm during the rain and when you go out you will have free shower. If you are not such a big fan of the rain just get a car rental and go around and check out the sights.

Museums, churches, temples, music halls and lots of other things are under a dry roof and you can spend a lot of time wondering around the place. Churches usually have wonderful concerts or someone is practicing so you can enjoy the beautiful sound of organs. In the temples there is always amazing smell of forests around and the smelling sticks they are lightening for the prayer. You can just sit around under one of the roof tops and enjoy the smells and the view. You can always find some interesting people or local priests who can tell you more about the temple or the religion itself.

Museums are old big buildings with some local history in them so you can spend some time in them too. Usually there are naval museums with lots of photos and prototypes of boats. Social games are always good choice if you don’t want to leave hostel. If your hostel doesn’t have any of those just get to the closest children toy store and you will get some excellent social game. You can always join in with someone in the hostel who is already playing. If you forgot your copy of the book, there has to be something in the hostels library or you can always grab some magazine and entertainment yourself with latest local gossips.

Going to a pub or a bar in evening hours can be fun too even if there is rain pouring outside. Maybe you will spend some time driving around and looking for a parking spot but again everyone inside will already be wet so you don’t need to worry about that.

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