Skip the big cities and visit small ones, equally beautiful

Marseille France
You'll love Marseille more than Paris

There is a reason why you should skip the Paris and head to Marseilles or skip Venice and head to Treviso and taste the best tiramisu. Capitals and big cities are sometimes topics of too much stories and if you skip them, you will have new story to tell. Of course, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Rome, Amsterdam and many other place are just beautiful but if you are looking for something equally exciting without so much tourists around try Treviso, Antwerp, Gijon, Marseilles, Czech Krumlov and many more.

Treviso is famous for the best tiramisu in Italy. It is located just 20 minutes away from Venice and with its famous low budget airport you can get there for small money. In Treviso with drinks you will get free snacks and a smile. You can’t see that very often in Venice. Don’t miss to walk around shops in Via Calmaggiore and rocky canal of Buraneli. The architecture and museums of Antwerp are just amazing. The mixture of baroque and deco you can see everywhere around. Antwerp is well known by fashion and there is even fashion museum.

If you think red light district is just in Amsterdam, well, you are wrong. Antwerp has excellent night scene and be sure not to miss Café d’Anvers or just sit in some coffee place and look around people passing by. Gijon is the place where you come to relax and do some shopping for prices that are quite less than the ones in Barcelona. There are few museums and art center but you will probably be thrilled with long sandy beaches and you can have well known wave therapy in this city. This city has excellent cuisine and you have to try dim sum from sea food and excellent local goat cheese. Slices of beef with Afuega’l Pitu cheese will leave you speechless.

When you hear the jazz sounds in old harbor and walk around small streets of the city you will realize that you love Marseille more than Paris. If you heard that this city is dangerous, you probably heard it from someone who never been there. Climb La Montee des Accoules and you will have excellent view of the city. Cathedral Notre Dame de la Garde is well known by writings of love on the walls of the church. Vieux Port is old harbor of the city and excellent place to walk around. Be sure to have a stroll around Le Panier.

Next to the beautiful river Vltava there is less famous, but equally beautiful as Prague, Czech Krumlov. The city architecture is mainly renaissance and when you climb the old castle on the hill you will see why the famous Austro-Hungarian painter Egon Schiele spent 10 years of his life here. There is his art gallery that you have to visit. With medieval architecture you definitely have to try 500 years old beer, Eggenberg. This city is just 120km away from Prague and you will not make mistake if you visit it.

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