Phuket Is The Pearl Of Thailand

Phuket Is The Pearl of Thailand
Phuket Is The Pearl of Thailand

Phuket City, pearl of the Andaman Sea is an ideal place to rest but also to study interesting vegetation. Favorite holiday resorts are numerous small islands located around Phuket.

Most beautiful beaches of Phuket are situated on the northern coast of the island. Fine white sand and crystal clear waters invite you to go swimming, diving or simply relaxing. There is always something going on on the promenade near the coast in Patong.  Big colorful billboards and people of all nationalities also contribute to the unusual diversity.

The most famous Buddha temple is on the island of Wat Chalong, located just eight kilometers from the downtown of Phuket City. Temple became known by the gilded statue of the Bishop of Luang Phor Chaem. It is surrounded by dancers dressed in luxurious national costumes made of brocade. There is a huge offer of fresh and exotic fruits in Thailand, which are largely unknown to the western travellers. Fish and seafood are on the menu every day. Due to the large selection, the chef himself is there and he will explain everything and give the best suggestion and advice.

The crystal clear water, gorgeous coral reefs, 16 dream beaches and more than 30 mostly uninhabited islands attract European and Asian tourists in Phuket. The west coast of the island is particularly a swimming paradise. The most famous beach is in Patong, where water sport enthusiasts can enjoy themselves. One can choose between surfing on the water, sailing, riding the waves, parachuting, scuba diving, water skiing and so on. Everyone can find something for themselves in many restaurants, bars and clubs. Although many tourists are just passing through Phuket, it is worth sticking around even if it is just for a little while. You should definitely see the buildings made in colonial style with elements of Chinese architecture as well as urban Portuguese villas which testify about the rich professional life of the 19th century. Caoutchouc, coconut products, pewter mines, fishing and pearl cultivation contributed to Phuket’s being the richest province in Thailand. Everywhere you turn you’re offered excellent fish and seafood dishes; famous Phuket lobster is just one example. Rice and pasta in various ways are basic foodstuffs, and many street restaurants offer local dishes at affordable prices.

The beaches of your dreams, resorts, virgin nature, ancient cultures and exotic culinary delights promise an unforgettable holiday. Best time to visit Phuket is between November and March.


Photo by: Joan Campderrós-i-Canas

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