New Year’s Destinations: Some Like It Hot in Winter

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The longest night in the old year is becoming the most common reason for a trip and for a descent amount of money you can visit some of the more than interesting places like Sicily and Portugal, where you will find a lot of fun, cultural and historical heritage as well as great foods and drinks.

If you decide to go to Portugal, you can visit Lisbon and Porto, then medieval Sintra, but also known summer resort Cascais and Estoril, as well as the west part of Europe – Cabo da Roca. Medieval spirit of Portugal can also be experienced in the towns of Obidos and Coimbra, and you can visit the most famous European shrine in Fatima. If you decide to go to Sicily, after getting to know Sicilian metropolis, continue on a tour of the island. This way you can become more familiar with once the most important Greek colony – Syracuse; visit the romantic town of Taormina, the most famous European volcano Etna, and on the way to the Ionian Sea the charming town of Katana.

New Year is a good opportunity to visit Egypt, Tunisia or Morocco, where those eager for some down time can enjoy a much warmer temperatures. However if you want to party go to Mexico. In places like Cancun with the sunset, hotel zones start to resonate with the rhythms of salsa and flamenco, but also jazz, disco music, rock and roll, hip-hop and techno. Live music is reserved for salsa and Latin clubs, and local performers will even satisfy the demanding fans of jazz. Mecca of the winter entertainment in Latin America is also Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, where every day of the week you can enjoy a different form of nightlife. The city offers plenty of choice for young, old, married and single.

Those wishing to change climate and unbridle in every sense of the word perfect winter destination can be found in the Thai resorts of Phuket or Pattaya. The emphasis is on dance and go-go bars, cabarets and places where you can enjoy a drink and the legendary Thai massage. Vice entertainment is available at every step 24 hours a day. Despite the trends, looking for New Year’s party you shouldn’t forget those traditional European cities such as Paris, London, Berlin, Belgrade or Barcelona, where you have to think about what party or a concert you’ll be attending i.e. missing before heading out. Pretty much the same is in New York, and the New Year’s Eve on the streets of the city that never sleeps is different from all other street celebrations in the world.

In recent years, Eastern European capitals are becoming more alive – cities such as Prague, Budapest or Krakow are daily opened new places for New Years’ time. Those from Western countries are more interested in visiting because of the prices, which are still lower than in the traditional capitals of entertainment. Younger travelers who are looking for an adventure, a great New Year’s destination can be a tour of Romanian Transylvania and the capital – Bucharest, once known as “Paris of the East”, and Serbian Belgrade known for best New Year partys in Europe.

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