Metelkova City in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Metelkova City in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a social center made in a former military base squatted in 1990s. It is named after a Slovenian Catholic priest and philologist Fran Metelko, probably because the nearby street has the same name. Here you can find art galleries, bars, artists’ studios, offices of cultural organizations. It also hosted LGBT and anti-racist activities.

Metelkova city or, as it is locally called “Meta” is a favorite meeting point for young people in Ljubljana. Most of them come here by the end of the week, usually on Friday. There are many different concerts (punk, metal, rock, dub…) organized here, which means that everyone can find something to fit his needs and taste.

Here are a hostel Celica, Gromka club, Teahouse “At Marica”, café Jalla Jalla, Gala Hala, Mizzart Gallery, Monokel club, Tiffany club, Skratova Reading Room and many more.

Celica Hostel, a former military prison, is a youth hostel, which offers exquisite accommodation at a reasonable price, a bar where you can get a snack or a proper meal, and Arabic Corner, a place where you can enjoy shisha while relaxing your tired legs in a comfortable cushions before you go to sleep in one of the uniquely designed rooms.

In the Gromka club you can enjoy different kinds of music – trance, jazz, swing, and, from time to time, a punk concert.

Teahouse “At Marica” is an intimate corner where you can hear old rock and metal music, and, of course, have a drink.

Jala Jala invites us to oriental music, different kinds of teas, and all that goes with it. They have quite large selection of spirits, the most famous be “The Bear’s Blood”.

Gala Hala is well-known for concerts of all kinds, although it’s not the spacious place you’ve ever seen. 

Tiffany is one of the most famous gay clubs in Ljubljana. They also organize literary evenings, concerts, acting performances, lectures, workshops and exhibitions.

To make a long story short, Metelkova city is a place where unconventional young people gather – those who are not fond of fancy discotheques, those who want to have a beer or two outside with friends, drink some wine or smoke a spliff. In Metelkova you won’t find any shrewish people looking for a fight. Coming here is a real vacation after a stressful week or journey, thanks to a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere and open-mindedness.

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