Hostel Is The Best Option In Verona

Julia's balcony in Verona Italy
Julia's balcony in Verona Italy

When you go to Italy there are a lot of things to be seen but the first thing you have to do is find a place to stay, which is today very easy because even just an average hostel Italy prepared for you will suits your needs. After settling in it’s time to see the city of eternal love – Verona. The story of Romeo and Juliet, who sacrificed lives for their love, is the reason why every year more than three million tourists visit Verona. This city is a jewel of medieval art and architecture, rich history and culture with more than 50 preserved churches of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles, as well as the grandiose palaces, fair bridges and lush gardens.

Per to its urban layout, Verona is a typical Veneto town. In addition to places associated with the tragic love of Romeo and Juliet, especially appealing to tourists is the preserved Roman Theater – Arena. It was built in 1st century, and it is the third largest amphitheater in Italy. Along the Arena are the remains of the city walls from 265. To this day still remain two city entrances (ports) from the Roman era, Porta dei Leoni and the Porta dei Borsari. The most beautiful bridge of Verona, Ponte Pietra, has five arches, two of which date from the Roman Empire. Among the numerous preserved churches and monasteries the most attention in this city attracts the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, which is considered the most important Romanesque building of Verona and the upper Italy. The facade and windows of the basilica are richly decorated with relief scenes from the Gospels and the bronze doors are decorated with reliefs featuring scenes from the Bible. It is best to leave something to visit the other day so head back to your hostel and have some down time.

Continue the sightseeing of Verona’s churches with the church of Santa Maria Antica, the gothic church of Santa Anastasia; afterwards visit the Renaissance buildings – the Church Saint Bernardin and the church of Santa Maria in Organo. Besides the churches be sure to visit the complex of tombs of Scaliger family, the City palace, the Mazzanti house, the magnificent Renaissance Palazzo del Capitano and a museum in which are kept many worthy works of Italian painting. Of course, the story of Verona isn’t told to the end without Romeo and Juliet.

Tourists who visit Verona don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Cappello Street and at the number 23 once again pay respects to Julia. After the visit to Romeo’s home, end the tour by going to Julia’s grave. On this occasion it is necessary to put a bouquet of flowers or leave a message on the tomb of the unfortunate girl. It is a longstanding tradition that almost all the weddings in Verona are held in this dark chamber, which for centuries now keeps the memory of one of the greatest loves in history, the one Shakespeare turned from a legend to a synonym for true and the greatest love.

Did Shakespeare stayed in hostel in Verona? We’ll never know.

Featured photo by: uroburos / Public Domain

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