Flashpackers, Are You One of Them?


Yes, you are, but you never knew it. Are you traveling with your laptop or your tablet or your phone or any other kind of device or gadget that is on the market these days? If you are not taking any of the things above then you must take your digital camera. So, see, you are flashpacker.

Flashpackers are backpackers with a little bit more money and all interesting gadgets in their bag. They are always somewhere where there is free Wi-Fi checking their e-mail, social networks or on Skype with their families. They usually have reservation to their hostel and they are always clean and tidy even they are traveling for a long time. Their first question in hostel would probably be what is the password for Wi-Fi and where is the laundry? A lot of hostels are trying to keep up with demands of flashpackers and they are installing free Wi-Fi so that they can attract these kinds of customers too.

Flashpackers usually don’t have fixed schedule of traveling but they browse online where to go next and what to do or they listen to the stories from other travelers in hostels. Flashpackers are backpackers too but they just like having comfort of their electronic gadgets and like to stay online a lot, just like digital nomads. This is the same lifestyle like backpacking. Traveling is all about expanding your horizons; it is not about what you have in your bag and how to choose to travel. The spirit and the soul is what makes a backpacker, backpacker and you shouldn’t make any difference among different types of backpackers.

Digital nomads
Digital nomads

Soon everyone will become flashpackers, wanted that or not. Electronic world is developing with that kind of speed that every day you realize that you can’t travel without some small stuff like phone or tablet. If you are in some big city and you want to meet a girl or a boy you met last night in a bar, what are you going to do without phone? Public phones are almost extinguished in some countries and no one walks around without cell phone. When you are traveling around how many people do you see with cameras, tablets, iPads, laptops? Almost everybody takes gadgets along. Some 15 years ago you can only see groups of Japanese going around and taking loads of pictures and filming everything with their cameras, now, everybody became Japanese, don’t you think?

When we are traveling like a flashpacker we have better chance to talk to our families, to stay in touch with our friends, to plan the next destination, to search hostels and hotels. Sometimes you will find free Wi-Fi but you will not find internet café or all the computers will be occupied. If laptop is too heavy to carry around just get one of those tablets or iPads. But, once in awhile, don’t forget to put down your camera, shut down your laptop and enjoy the nature and sights of the place that you’re in.

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