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Sahara rims of snowy Atlas Mountains, river canyons and the Atlantic Ocean – almost ideal climate made Morocco one of the most attractive tourist destinations.

Marrakech or Marrakesh is a paradise for shopaholics and all of those who enjoy bargaining on street market. It is very important you realize something: no matter how much you pay for a thing, don’t regret it – there is no real market price; the cost is what you pay in that moment. Shopping fever starts on the main square Jamma el Fna where during the day you can buy many different kinds of spices, fruit, food… Every couple of feet you can refresh yourself with fresh juice made of Moroccan oranges or eat a refreshing cactus apple which the salesman cleans for you on the spot. At night this square turns to a giant theater with premiers every minute, there are no reruns and be sure that every second in this place will never happen again. Many colorful acrobats, dancers, fire swallowers, amateur boxers gather here. Keep your hands away from street artists or you might end up paying for the temporary henna tattoos which you didn’t even want in the first place.

From the main square turn right to the biggest shopping center in MedinaSouk Bazaar. In several intertwined streets you will find hundreds of different products from skin, silver, copper, cotton, silk and more. This market is now the biggest tourist attraction so you will feel safe and welcome here.

When you get tired of shopping you can rest in so called “city gardens”: botanical garden, olive garden and palm plantations. One of the most beautiful corners in Marrakech is most certainly the Jardins Majorelle botanical garden. The creator of this green paradise was the famous painter Jacques Majorelle in the late 1931, and was later renewed by the fashion creator Yves Saint Laurent and inside it you will see a cactus tree shaped sculpture made in his a memory. Places you shouldn’t skip are Bahia palace built in 1880, El Badi palace from the 16th century which is a real example of Arab-Andalusian art as well as the city museum.

Morocco Courtyard
Morocco Courtyard – Photo by: kkortmulder

After four hours on train you will reach Casablanca. Probably the best association is the movie of the same name, which is also probably the best marketing move for this city. Don’t expect mushy romance, this city is better described by the movie slogan “if you want adventure you’ll find it here”. Even a simple walk in this business metropolis represents an adventure as well as entering Medina where, as soon you enter, you’re offered Chinese Nike and Converse shoes, Gucci bags, D&G laundry; everything resembles a Chinese mall, except for the salesmen. Narrow roads lead you out of Medina and take you to the mosque of Hassan II, one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. As it is immersed in the Atlantic Ocean it looks like minaret emerges from the ocean and simply takes your breath away.

No matter how many lives you have, in one of them you should visit Morocco, if you want adventure, exotic, cultural contrasts, or you want the best mint tea and cookies. Even those who said “never again” will be hesitant once Morocco shows them another of its charms and invites them to a tea party.


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  1. Morroco is my favourite place in the world. Don’t miss out Rabat. I find it more charming than Casablanca 🙂 Essaouira is famous city of wind and lately it is famous by scenes from Game of Thrones. Fabulous beach and food

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