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Alaska Kenai River
Alaska Kenai River - Photo by: LoveToTakePhotos / Public Domain

It’s understandable if you feel that there is nothing you can do about the environment, you’re probably thinking: “I’m just one person, how can I make a difference?”, or “I care about the environment at home but how can I possibly do it while I’m on the road?” Well, there are some ecotourism tips and tricks that can help you with that and also save you some money along the way. Be responsible traveler by doing:

  1. Instead of shopping in some big chain supermarkets try buying in local stores. Big chains can be familiar but if you don’t support the local stores then they won’t be able to make a profit and survive and there will no longer be any point in visiting those countries, plus it’s a good way to get yourself acquainted with the new culture, find out what is good and what to do while you’re there.
  2. Smart phone, tablet, iPod, camera, laptop – sure we all like them and we think we need them but when traveling do we really need them? They are just more things that you have to plug in and use electricity, unless you’re using a solar panel charger. There are internet cafes everywhere so you don’t need your laptop and other gadgets.
  3. Don’t throw away you food, neither at home nor on a trip. If you have too much food give it your fellow backpacker or anyone else for that matter, there are a lot of hungry people out there.
  4. You can also save money by using an aluminum water bottle instead of buying canned or bottled drinks. This way, besides saving money, you also make a lot less trash so you’re preserving the nature.
  5. Stop wasting electricity, just because you don’t pay the bill personally doesn’t mean you have to abuse it, be more considerate and unplug your appliances.
  6. From the start backpacker are greener than other travelers, when using communal showers you don’t really have the desire to stand around very long. You can improve this by buying a “quick dry” towel and re-using it instead of using those from a hostel, since that only means more washing and that is not environmental friendly.
  7. Now this is something that benefits you, your wallet, as well as the environment – a bike. Instead of using a taxi, go sightseeing on a bike or even walking, you will save money, the environment and you’ll get some fresh air. However, if the sight is a bit far away use bus. Sure flying is faster but not very green, so think about taking an overnight train or carpooling.
  8. Every time you go on a trip you have to buy a lot of batteries, for your flash light or radio. Instead of buying batteries get yourself a wind-up flash light and radio; this will save you a lot of money in the long run and it will give you hours of music and light.
  9. A great way to meet other people like you and to contribute to the community is volunteering.
  10. Many hostels nowadays are going green and helping with the environmental protection, so pick one of those hostels and join the cause.
  11. And finally something so simple but sometimes apparently difficult – clear out your trash.

Maybe you won’t be saving the world the way Green Lantern does but you surely will help with keeping it green.

Photo by: LoveToTakePhotos / Public Domain

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