Come To Vienna The City Of Waltz

Vienna panorama
Vienna panorama

Welcome to the wonderful city on the Danube, where many hearts beat in three-quarter beat – Vienna the city of Waltz! In this city, the father Johann Strauss and his sons enchanted the audience with waltz melodies. However, beside them, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert also lived in this city. The culture is very developed, so Vienna ranks among the cultural capitals of Europe.

Vienna, houses with embossed facades, elegant aristocratic palaces – the architectural circle from Baroque to Art Nouveau. Such environment makes it easy to feel the atmosphere of the glorious monarchy. Necessarily visit Belvedere Museum and, of course, Hofburg where you’ll find the famous Spanish Riding School. Those eager to go shopping will find whatever their heart desires in the Kartner Street, but also in Mariahilfer and Favoritenstrasse.

Viennese cuisine represents a mixture of neighboring countries cuisine, such as Hungarian (goulash) and Czech (dishes with flour). Vienna is also famous for its coffee drinks, and the original Sacher torte you can buy at the Hotel “Sacher”.

If your travel takes you to imperial Vienna and the weather serves you, make sure you visit the Schonbrunn castle surrounded by the enchanting baroque garden where you can walk as once Maria Theresa used to. Incredible 1400 rooms make the inside of the castle and each one tells the story of the imperial family. No need to visit the whole castle during one visit; leave something for the next time you travel to the capital of Austria.

King of Waltz Johann Strauss rests in Vienna, the city of waltzes. The monument erected in his honor is located in the city park. In the morning enjoy a cup of coffee and newspaper in one of the many cafes. In the pleasant ambience of “Cafe Central” taste some of the coffee specialties such as, for example, melange. Sightseeing the city in traditional carriages, fiacre, is the most interesting way to do it. Since 1766, when Emperor Franz Joseph II declared Prater free for public, this park became highly visited. From the vast panorama with Riesenrad Ferris Wheel, placed in 1897, stretches a magnificent view. Burgtheater building is one of the most famous theaters in the world and is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria.

Romantic souls, art enthusiasts and gourmets have all agreed that Vienna is always worth the visit. Discover the traces of the former empire that permeate this metropolis. Hostel is the cheapest option.


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