Celebrate the New Year in Belgrade

Belgrad Serbia

Belgrade is probably the liveliest place for New Year’s Eve celebration. In the last few years it has become “a tourist Mecca” as travellers from all over the world visit it during Christmas holidays.

As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Belgrade has been demolished, destroyed and reconstructed again, for many times. This capital of the Balkans, known for its many tourist attractions and nightlife vivid throughout the whole year, is reliving its renaissance once again.

Belgraders are well known for their friendliness, hospitality absence of communication barriers. Almost everybody speaks English, and many of them speak French and German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. If you meet the locals, rest assured that they will not allow you to pay a tab in pub, as treating your guests is part of national pride and tradition.

New Year in Belgrade is traditionally celebrated on the city squares with the performances of many popular performers and DJs. There are usually open space plays and street performers, various children programmes and much, much more that will leave fond memories of your holiday.

Belgrade’s nightlife takes place in clubs, bars, rafts (splavs) and what is specific to Serbia and Belgrade, kafanas. The kafanas are like taverns or restaurants with a special charm and usually with live performed musical programme. Kafanas serve traditional Serbian cuisine national drink – rakija. Kafanas are hard to describe to anybody who hasn’t visited Serbia and they should be experienced personally.

New Years Eve is the night in which every Belgrade club is open and welcoming. Options are very diverse, and there’s a choice for everyone’s taste. For some places, entrance must be reserved in advance, and for others – it’s enough to just show up before midnight. Table reservations usually go between 20 and 50 € and grant you free food and drinks all night long.

Rafts (splavs) are clubs on Belgrade’s rivers, as the city is nested at the confluence of the Sava and Danube. Most of them are located on the banks of New Belgrade, offering a beautiful view of the Kalemegdan fortress. Rafts are known for wilder parties than clubs.

Belgrade is a very inexpensive city, and most of the tourists can afford a very comfortable accommodation. Fast food goes for 0.5 – 2 €, and a restaurant meas (drink included) for 8 – 10 €. Drink in a pub or a cafe goes for 1 or 2 €, and hostels can be offer 5 – 10 € per bed per day. Public transportation ticket costs 70 cents, a taxi service is also inexpensive. This is another reason why Belgrade is popular travel destination.

New Year’s Eve in Belgrade is an unforgettable experience. Because of its easy accessibility and the best price/quality ratio, in this time of year it’s increasingly difficult to find available hostel or hotel, and it is better to put a reservation early on. Belgrade can be reached from many European cities for a modest amount of money, so, hurry up, beat winter holidays traffic jams and be at the right place at the right time!

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