Botswana is Deserts, Salt Lakes and Mighty Rivers

Botswana Okvanago River Delta-botswana
Botswana Okvanago River Delta-botswana

Botswana is located in the central part of South Africa and to the widest range of people is probably best known for the production of diamonds, because over 75 percent of world diamond production comes from here. However, it is also a country that has the largest dried salt lake in the world, as well as the shortest border in the world, with Zambia, which stretches only 0.43 miles (700 meters). Besides that, Botswana’s main characteristic is the lack of water, in fact, this is the driest country in the world, and it has only one permanent river – Okavango. How much water is important to this country can be seen in the fact that the national currency is called – Pula, which on the Setswana language means “rain”.

When leaving this city the first stop on your journey is likely to be dried out salt lake – Makgadikgadi. It is the largest dried salt lake in the world; its silver surface covers a plain area size of Portugal. This space is so big that you can see the curved horizon with your naked eye. The first thing that will impress you here is that there is such vastness in the world which is so desolate and stretches before you for as long as you can see. This desert plain used to be a huge lake formed by two rivers – Chobe and Zambezi. Over time and the action of natural forces this area, under the influence of the sun, became a drained plain, completely isolated. During rainy periods plain soaks up the rain and then you can see huge flocks of flamingos landing here in a search for food – a type of algae, which grows on the salty soil. This area will probably fascinate you with the scenes of sunset and sunrise which here seem almost unreal and they are really something to see. Another captivating sight in this desolate spot is a starry sky and the riot of the stars that light up the area in the warm African nights.

Another natural phenomenon for which you should go on safari in Botswana is the delta of the Okavango River, which is the largest continental delta in the world and covers the surface of 15,000 km2 (about 9,000 square miles). Delta is surrounded by the Kalahari Desert, and Okavango River unlike other rivers in the world doesn’t flow into any sea, but its powerful waters disappear in the sands of northern Botswana. This River’s Delta is an entirely separate, a world that exists independently from its environment, surviving as an isolated entity, full of colors and sounds that characterize life on it. Through the crystal clear water you can observe the fascinating aquatic life that inhabits the Delta. The entire water surface is covered with white and blue water lilies, while the riverbank is covered with reeds. Peace and harmony of the water are disturbed only by the voices of birds, the sounds of hippos in the water and struck of the elephant’s legs while forging their path through the vegetation. Next stop on this amazing safari is certainly the visit to the reservation Moremi, which is among the most beautiful reservations in Africa. It’s also known by the immense number of wild animals that live here – elephants, giraffes, impalas, zebras, jackals, crocodiles, and wild boars. All of these animals inhabit the reservation, leading a constant struggle for survival, because only the best and the toughest stand a chance – there is a danger at every turn.

The richness and the cruelty of nature in Botswana are certainly enough to make up your mind and visit this beautiful African country in search for another precious experience.


Photo by: Carine06 licenced under CC

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