Belgrade Beer Fest The Free Festival Of Beer And Music

Belgrade Beer Fest
Belgrade Beer Fest

In summer many people rush to the seaside for a chance to cool off, but there are always those ready for action, those who plan their vacations around the events such as the Beer Fest in Belgrade, the festival of great music and lots of various kinds of beer, in the city where you can have unforgettable time even in hostels.

Beer Fest used to be held at the Kalemegdan Fortress but due to its growing popularity it was moved to Ušće Park, which is considered the most beautiful open concert space in Belgrade, Serbia. The mild weather and five days of incredible fun place this festival at the top of the most popular festivals in Europe – free entrance; great musical program and cheap beer (around 1.5$) contribute to that.

Established in 2003 and for many years it has been visited by over five million people who enjoyed over 450 free concerts and tasted over 70 local and international brands of beer.

Beer – drink so much praised these days, and you don’t like it. You tried to like it, tried different kinds and references but it’s no good, it doesn’t work. So, what are you doing on the Beer Fest, you probably think you’re an interloper. No, no, no! Everybody is welcome to attend the Beer Fest, both the beer lovers and the others, those in love and those looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, rappers, rockers, punkers, EVERYBODY!

Every year many popular local and international bands perform, such as the Orthodox Celts, Sunshine, Siddharta, Irish Stew of Sindidun, last year there were two special guests, The Simple Minds, a Scottish band, who are best known for creating amazing atmosphere on their live performances. They started their carrier in the late 70’s and became famous in the 80’s with albums “Empires and Dance”, “Sons and Fascination”, “Sparkle in the Rain” and hit single “Don’t you forget about me”. Another performer the organizers are especially proud of is Marky Ramone, best known as the drummer of the cult punk band Ramones. He was with the band when they published “Road to Ruin” including one the bands biggest hits “I Wanna Be Sedated” and he stayed with them until the band break-up in 1996. There are also many local and regional bands such as Zvonko Bogdan, Belgrade Blues Factory, Bad Copy & V.I.P, Dubioza Kolektiv from Bosnia, Boney M. from Germany, Lollobrigida from Croatia, Viva Vox Choir, Vlatko Stefanovski, The Prodigy Real Tribute Band, Queen Real Tribute Band, Blues Brothers Tribute Band from Italy, Smells Like K. Spirit – Tribute to Nirvana from Sweden, Michael Jackson Tribute Band from UK and many more.

Besides all the famous bands that perform here you can also hear many unestablished bands who have the opportunity to represent themselves on the Belgrade Beer Fest, and you can be a part of it, whether you want to participate or just choose the ones you like and you want to hear by “liking” their recording on the official Beer Fest Facebook page.

Whether you want a beer or you want to be sedated keep these words in mind: “Won’t you come see about me? I’ll be alone, dancing” as you walk on by the Beer Fest on your way to the hostel in Belgrade this august.


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