5 Most Beautiful Castles in Europe

Neuschwanstein castle in Germany
Neuschwanstein castle in Germany

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

When you see this castle for the first time you have this strange feeling that you already seen it somewhere. This castle has remarkable resemblance with Disney’s castle in Florida and many will tell you that Disney looked up on the real deal. Anyhow, this castle is really breathtaking. It was built in the beginning of 19th century and since then it is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. The castle is located in Bavaria, close to Hohenschwangau valley. Many rooms are dedicated to Richard Wagner, the famous composer, since King Ludwig was his great admirer.


2. Peles Castle, Romania

This castle is definitely must see during your visit to Romania. There are 168 rooms in the castle but only 35 rooms are available for visitors. When you are visiting be sure not to miss Holul de Onoare, Sala Mare De Arme, Sala De Teatru and Salonul Turcesc. The tours with the guides are available only for ground floor and first floor so you have to explore the rest of it on your own. this castle is also one of the most beautiful castles in Europe and it is located close to the city of Sinaya in Carpathians.

Peles Castle Romania
Peles Castle in Romania

3. Bojnice Castle, Slovakia

This castle is located in Slovakia in the city of Bojnice. This is one of the most romantic castles in Europe and the best thing is that you can organize your wedding in it. This castle was built somewhere in 12th century and now it is one of the most famous museums in Slovakia. All kind of attraction are available around and in castle and lot of festivals are held here.

Bojnice castle Slovakia
Bojnice castle in Slovakia, Photo by: Dominik Bugár Source: http://www.slovakia.com/

4. Coca Castle, Spain

This castle was built back in 15th century by bishop of Seville. The incredible “Castillo De Coco” is considered to be one of the best castles in Spain. This castle is excellent example of Gothic and mudéjar style. Coca Castle is located in the city of Coca in south Spain province Segovia. You can go in with tourist guides and take a look exterior, interior and prices of the tours are not expensive at all.

Coca castle Spain
Coca castle in Spain

5. Brodick Castle, Scotland

This castle dates from the time of Viking and it has been built to protect Scotland from Vikings. This is one of the oldest castles in Scotland. It is located in island of Arran in Scotland. the fortress was built by English duke Hamilton I and centuries later his ancestors built this beautiful castle inside the fortress. As a museum it was opened in 1957 and has magnificent art collection. In the garden there is famous rhododendron collection which is well known worldwide.

Brodick Castle
Brodick Castle in Scotland

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